Bathroom Inspiration & Our Wet Room Bathroom

Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt by Lush

It was going to be one of the last rooms on our list to renovate, but last week our shower started playing up and it looks like we’re going to need to rip out our wet room bathroom sooner than we thought!

When we first moved in, the bathroom was very clearly the most recently fitted and decorated room in the house. I wasn’t a huge fan of the wet room bathroom design and as time has gone on the room just look shabbier and dirtier. The floor that has been fitted has a very rough texture, presumably to avoid any slips on the floor, but it makes the room so hard to clean and stains really easily as well – so now the floor is kind of pink from my hair dye – oops!

Having said that, I can definitely see the appeal of having a wet room – even though I’m only 30 years old I struggle a lot around the house due to an ongoing issue with a weak muscle in my back. I have to avoid bending and leaning over as my back isn’t strong enough to maintain that position – causing problems if I ever drop something on the floor… which is a lot!!
With a wet room I never have to worry about stepping over a shower tray or getting laid down in a bath and not being able to get out… but I do miss having a bath so much!

Premier Bathrooms Haven Walk In Bath - Bathroom Inspiration and Our Wet Room Bathroom
Image courtesy of Premier Bathrooms

When Premier Bathrooms asked me to share their walk in baths and shower prices with you I spotted an answer to all my problems – a mini walk in bath! I was always a shower person until recently, but I discovered the amazing healing powers of a bath through a series of Lush bath product reviews and now I’m distraught without one. Not only do they help you relax your mind, but the heat and relaxation is great for my back muscles too.

Unfortunately our bathroom is too small to accommodate a full size bath, but these walk in baths come in all different shapes and sizes which is perfect for tiny bathrooms and the little door means I don’t have to struggle to get in and out on my own – there’s little more embarrassing than being 30 years old and needing help to get out of the bath when you’re wet and naked!!

So suddenly I’m excited about the idea of renovating our bathroom sooner than expected and maybe I will consider another wet room bathroom after all – as long as I can choose the style of floor myself! Here are some ideas I’ve got floating around my head for our new bathroom renovation:

Bathroom Inspiration and Our Wet Room Bathroom

1. Walk In Bath | Premier Bathrooms  //  2. Palm Leaf Shower Curtain | H&M
3. Jakarta Bath Towel | Bedeck Home  //  4. Macrame Hanging Planter | Knotty Knotty Macrame
5. Accessories | H&M

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Home: Hollywood Style Bathroom

Hollywood Style Bathroom Mirror
Big thanks to Pebble Grey who sent me this gorgeous illuminated mirror to share with you guys. We’re always short of storage in the bathroom (seriously why are there so many creams and gels and liquids?) so getting to pick out this great bathroom cabinet was ideal for sprucing up the space. It has two internal shelves and is deceptively deep.

Those fun strips of lighting really call Hollywood Glamour to me and I loved the idea of setting up the bathroom area like a 50s Hollywood starlet’s dressing room, complete with a dedicated space to do my makeup. The lights are battery operated so I didn’t have to do any complicated wiring or pay out to hire an electrician, but it does commandeer eight of the fellas so I’m hoping they last well. I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve displayed an old photograph of my Nan and Grandad all dolled up and looking glamorous to set the scene and remind me of who I aspire to be every day. If you’re going to use a special photograph in your bathroom, be sure to make a copy or pop it in a waterproof frame so there’s no unfortunate accidents.

I made the crystal drop earrings last new year for a Prohibition fancy dress party, but I thought they were ideal for the Hollywood theme too, adding the final touches with a string of pearls and a cute vintage teacup (from Achica). The metallic colours of my makeup (Urban Decay and Estee Lauder) just set off the scene perfectly for an instant Hollywood style bathroom.

I’m ready for my close up! ;)

Hollywood Style Bathroom Accessories
Loves x xx

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