Outfit Post: How To Add Colour To Your Autumn Outfit

Colourful Rain Coat, Bright Winter Coat

I have received so many comments about my awesome yellow coat already this Autumn, at least half of the people I interact with during the day mention the colour or how happy and bright it is and I love that. I’m a huge lover of Autumn and wrapping up in layers and scarves, but I know for a lot of people the dreary weather can bring them down so brightening someone’s day with a bit of colour is such a simple thing to do to spread a little love in the drizzle.

Autumn Winter Outfit Ideas

Fitted Rain Coat, Fashionable Waterproof Coat

My favourite way to add colour to your Autumn outfit is to swap out a key piece, that is traditionally a dark, earthy shade, for something bold and bright like this coat that JD Williams sent me to try out. It’s an instant transformation. If that’s too much of a bold move for you at first, try something smaller instead like some fun patterned wellies instead of the traditional green or even a bright patterned scarf and a dash of red lipstick – it really will add a smile to your day.

Outfit Ideas for Red Heads

Yorkshire Fashion Blogger

My Harris Tweed scarf is an oldie that I dug out from my cupboard this year as the yellow streak and primary shades match my yellow raincoat perfectly. I used to work for a company that manufactured clothing and accessories from this hand woven cloth and unfortunately my journey with them ended bitterly so I had packed up all my Harris Tweed items and hidden them away as much as I could. Now some time has passed I think I can try to enjoy them again and create some new memories from the ashes of those old ones. Clothing is so emotive for me and instantly sends me back to a moment when I bought it or wore it for the first time.

Joules Wellibobs, Cute Wellies, Short Wellies

I really love this raincoat and I took it to Paris with me as it was perfect for sightseeing and would fold up neatly in my backpack when it was dry. The pockets are huge too, which is great for me and all my cameras! I love the drawstring waist as it gives a lovely feminine shape where other raincoats can just look like a sack and the hood has a little peak so the rain doesn’t drip down onto my glasses. I would say the sizing is on the generous side, which is what you need in a coat – you’ve got to be able to throw it over layers of jumpers and scarves, plus it’s not a warm coat either, so you do need those layers. My only bug bear is that it doesn’t have a zip down the front, but it’s reasonably priced and comes in navy too if you’re not quite ready to glow bright yellow this Autumn! Loves x xx

How To Add Colour To Your Autumn Outfit

Dress | Vintage  //  Scarf | Harris Tweed  //  Raincoat | c/o JD Williams  //  Wellies | Joules

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Outfit Post: Winter In The Country

Donkey in Brampton
I spent the first weekend of the new year up in Cumbria where Boyfriend’s family live and it was absolutely beautiful! His mum lives in an old station house with vast views over the moors and while we were staying at his Dad’s we took a short walk until we came across a Cumbrian safari! This donkey dude was eager to trundle down and meet us and we also hung out with sheep and some adorable snuffling pigs (not pictured). More on our adventure soon, but it was such a joy to be so close to all this natural wonderment!

Warm Outfits That Are Fashionable

What To Wear In Winter

Jewellery, Barbed Wire

My jumper was a Christmas gift (insane pineapple in-jokes, seriously our living room is covered in them!) and a gorgeous one at that – it’s so soft and comfortable I’ve been wearing it with everything: jeans, dresses, skirts, but I think this outfit is my favourite combination. Knowing me oh so well, Boyfriend got me a size up in the jumper so it’s a little slouchy and the sleeves are a perfect length as I like them a little long. Kudos to Sugarhill Boutique, you nailed it!

Yorkshire Fashion Blogger

New York Necklace
As well as the ol’ pineapple, Boyfriend bought me the Empire State Building charm above and then stole my tools and supplies and made me a necklace for it; how adorable is that? The ring was a gift too, but I knew about that one as we ordered it together on a drunken night out, haha. It’s by one of my favourite jewellery designers, Black Willow Jewellery, who makes the most stunning pieces from her own hand carved casts. If you’ve not seen her mystical collections, go now!!

Autumn Winter Fashion

Winter Outfit Ideas

Coat | c/o Uniqlo  //  Pineapple Jumper | Sugarhill Boutique  //  Skirt | Final Touch
Boots | Tesco  //  Necklace Charm | My Vintage Charms  //  Ring | Black Willow Jewellery

Loves x xx

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