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We all have those moments (you know what I’m talking about!) when the bin bag splits or the dog shakes too soon and coats the hall in bath water – it’s so easy to feel like the whole world is against you, but next time try to see the funny side: Our Frank-Monster looks like such a doofus when he shakes!

One thing we could all do with a whole heap more of is laughter – seriously, it’s scientifically proven to improve your health.

For as long as I can remember, the TV show Friends has been my comfort blanket. I have watched that show so much I now laugh before the jokes. I always watch it when I’m home alone for the night – it covers up those creaky noises every empty house has and convinces me I’m not about to be attacked by a rogue axe-murderer. HAH.

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Amongst our friendship group Friends has been a source for a lot of laughter – we have ‘Friends Scene It’ tournaments, ‘guess the line: Simpsons or Friends’ games and Boyfriend and I always say it has a quote for every occasion. We quote it a gazillion times a day!

Simplyhealth, who provided the above article on the health benefits of laughter, invited Boyfriend and I to watch Friends at the Everyman Cinema in Leeds. It was the perfect opportunity to spend what would have been a dull weekday evening, laughing at the early haircuts of the cast together. It was also lovely to finally meet Dannielle from Chicadeedee too, so thank you for that Simplyhealth! We were grinning from ear-to-ear all night!

It’s easier than you think to adopt laughter into your daily life:

1 // Laugh more – even at those niggling, annoying moments!
2 // Find a ‘go-to’ comfort blanket, like Friends DVDs, for when you’re sad or scared.
3 // Play games, even if they seem geeky to outsiders. You’re never too old!
4 // Accept invitations – a little change of scenery is perfect to inspire laughter.
5 // Have in-jokes and quote your favourite TV shows over text or social media.

Without laughter, life is all a “moo point”. Am I right?
“Like a cow’s opinion. It just doesn’t matter. It’s moo.” – Joey Tribbiani 

What makes you laugh? Loves x xx

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SEVEN: Ways To Cheer Up A Friend

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1 // Pop round with a bottle of wine/dvd/tub of ice cream. Make sure they’re free first, especially if they’ve been feeling stressed or upset.

2 // Snail mail! If you can’t visit easily or your schedules don’t match up, why not send your friend a sweet gift? You can get some low priced, special gifts from Etsy or you could get some flowers delivered to their office.. even just pop some of their favourite sweeties in the post with a handwritten letter from their bestie.

3 // Give them some space. If your friend has been very busy at work, stressed with family problems or perhaps suffering from depression the best thing for them might actually be some time alone to relax and get their bits together. Sometimes letting a friend ‘off the hook’ for social gatherings can really help to relieve the guilt, relax them and get them back on track again. It’s not that they don’t love you, so let them know you understand that.

4 // Social network love! Send them some silly links on Facebook or give them a shout out on Twitter. If they fancy a certain actor or love a certain song, email them a picture or video. This works great for those silly ‘private jokes’ that no-one else understands. A quick “I saw this and thought of you” posted to my Facebook wall always brightens up my day.

5 // Gift handmade! Bake them a cake or invite them round for a home cooked meal. If you’re super crafty you could even make them some jewellery or a fun flower crown.

6 // Ask them how they’re doing. Arrange to spend time together on a day out, night in or even on the phone and make it all about them. Ask them what’s going on and really listen instead of wittering away about what you’ve been up to. A friend did this for me recently and it felt so therapeutic to really pour it all out.

7  // Lend them that dress of yours they love or your gorgeous TV box set. The latter could even fuel your friendship and give you even more things in common.. like you need any more, of course ;)

Go forth and cheer up a friend, if you’ve got any other ideas or a cute story of something nice you did feel free to share them in the comments or tweet me and I’ll retweet the best!

Loves x xx

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