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Eating Out In Leeds – Marco’s New York Italian

Marco's New York Italian - Crab Cakes

“Stuff your talentless faces with my mother’s crab cakes!” – Friends
On Saturday night I was invited out by Marco’s New York Italian Restaurant for a three course meal. Marco’s has been open for around a month, up near Leeds Arena at the top of town.

At first glance of the menu I thought it was pretty basic and nothing jumped out at me that I wanted to try – usually when I see a menu I’ve already decided what I’m having three days before I get there, but I think that says more about me than it does about any restaurant!!

Eating Out In Leeds - Marco's New York Italian Restaurant

When we arrived at Marco’s New York Italian, a very friendly maitre d’ asked if we wanted to be seated or have a drink in the bar first, so I ordered a large glass of wine and settled into the comfy seats around a communal table in the bar. We were brought a dish of olives and a bowl of spicy blow-your-head-off nuts that we picked at before deciding to sit down.

The chairs at the dinner table were lovely – I do appreciate a good chair at a restaurant as all too often you get provided with a quirky metal stool or a chair with a gap in the back and it’s just not comfortable dining. Service from the waiting staff was excellent, water was poured for us every time someone passed our table and they always waited for both of us to be seated before taking any orders.

Marco's New York Italian - Ribs

Marco's New York Italian - Rocket and Zarpellon salad

A bit uninspired by the menu, I opted for crab cakes to start as it’s not something I ever have at home and I chose cannelonni for main course. Stu went for ribs to start, so the waiter brought him a finger bowl, and surf and turf for main course – a steak cooked to order and some gigantic buttery prawns.

The food was well presented and I loved the spotty dotty plates, adding a bit more personality than just plain white crockery. When I sliced into my crab cakes I was more than pleasantly surprised. They were stuffed with shredded crab meat from end to end, unlike the slightly rubbery textured crab cakes I’ve had before, they were delicious.

Marco's New York Italian - Cannelloni and garlic ciabatta

Marco's New York Italian - Surf & Turf

I mostly chose the cannelonni for the garlic ciabatta and it did not disappoint – soaked in garlic and butter, I could have eaten it with every meal until the end of time! The cannelonni itself was served in a cast iron dish, bubbling with molten lava like cheese and tomato and stuffed with a creamy spinach and ricotta filling. Just look at that photo, I knew I would be jealous of myself when I wrote up this post! I chose a rocket and parmesan salad to go alongside my meal and that was big enough to be a stand alone dish itself, drizzled with balsamic vinegar.

Marco's New York Italian - Lemon Sorbet with Frozen Limoncello

I was hoping for lemon sorbet on the dessert menu, but I never dreamed it would come with a frozen limoncello on the side – a bitter, icy, sharp delight! They also had affogato on the menu too, but the limoncello tipped me over the edge.

We finished the meal with a drink at the table, I chose Frangelico, an incredibly light hazelnut liquor with ice. They also had Disaronno, an army of vodkas and a whole collection of cocktails that I didn’t even get chance to look at. There’s definitely plenty of things to go back to Marco’s time and time again to try something new, especially if all the classics are as good as the cannelonni. Next time I think I fancy trying their carbonara!

You’ll find Marco’s New York Italian Restaurant on Wade Lane in Leeds
Starters begin at £5.95 and main courses are from £9.50

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Eating Out In Leeds: Mod Pizza

Best Places To Eat in Leeds

Mod Pizza opened their first build-your-own pizza restaurant in the UK here in Leeds last year on the Cardigan Fields complex in Kirkstall. Typically, we had just moved from our little rented house that was 10 minutes walk away, but we still managed to visit plenty of times for our custom topping pizzas!

Eating out in Leeds: Mod Pizza

Best Pizza in Kirkstall

Mod Pizza is an American brand and they brought over their well known customer service values to their restaurants in the UK – when you walk in the door the staff greet you with a joyful “hello” and even send you off with a chorus of “goodbyes” when you leave. The decor is very American Diner/Dive Bar which I think is a really fun combination with old, repurposed wooden panels on the walls, graffiti style decor and a mishmash of photos from around the community. There’s even a space where you can add your own stamp by signing your name on a Mod sticker and adding it to the collage.

Where To Eat in Leeds

Best Pizza in Leeds

The best part, though, is obviously the pizza! The whole set up is very ‘Subway’ style where you choose your own sauce base, cheeses, meats, vegetables and toppings such as extra cheese, pesto drizzle and chilli flakes. You can get your traditional tomato and barbecue sauce base, but I love to opt for a pesto base instead! My favourite meats are the canadian ham and spicy sausage and for a little bit of my five-a-day I add artichokes and roasted garlic or some jalapenos.

Similar to the amazing drinks fountain you get in Five Guys, you can choose to add flavourings to your Coke, Fanta and Sprite drinks with free refills and theres also a selection of fresher juices like traditional lemonade. If you want something a bit different they also offer beers and amazing milkshakes that you can add chunks of salted caramel and mint chocolate to.

Build Your Own Pizza Leeds

Mod Pizza, Kirkstall

Not long after Mod Pizza opened all my besties came to stay in Leeds. We headed out to Cardigan Fields for a fun afternoon of build your own pizza and really terrible bowling! We had such a great time at Mod that we went back the following day for lunch too, haha! It’s definitely a treat and really filling too as you can get as many toppings as you want for the same price. If you’re not good at choosing though, don’t worry as they have some ready made pizza topping ideas for you too!

Loves x xx

Mod Pizza Leeds

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