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Steam Rooms, Spa Treatments and 5 Other Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation Techniques

I’ve always struggled to relax, even on an evening I can’t sit and chill out in front of the TV… I always fidget and have to do something else at the same time like read a magazine or work on my laptop. Getting to sleep at night is the ultimate in difficulty for me so I often read on my phone until my eyes are so sore I can’t help but close them and doze off.

Discovering the magic of a steam room has been absolutely vital for my relaxation. There’s something about breathing in the steam and basking in the heat that just makes my muscles drop and clears my head, especially in a low-lit quiet room at a spa. I never thought I would be a steam room kind of person, but I highly recommend you try it just for 5 minutes, it might be one of the key relaxation techniques for you too.

Urban Retreat asked me to tell you guys about their Moroccan Spa at Harrods and looking up the treatments they offer there I was drawn in by the Hammam treatment, their take on a traditional Moroccan steam room where skin is steamed, scrubbed and massaged until it glows.

The Moroccan spa has sessions for women only, men only and mixed sex so you can feel at your most comfortable and focus on taking time out and self care.

Relaxation Techniques

If, like me, you struggle to relax here are 5 other relaxation techniques to try to add a little calm to your body and mind:

// Find a good book that will capture your whole attention, a real page turner. I recommend The Raw Shark Texts by Steven Hall
// Lay down in a quiet room (I often choose my bedroom) and make a playlist for some quiet time. I listen to Emiliana Torrini and She & Him.
// Run a hot bath and try out these amazing bath bombs and melts and bars that turn your bath water pink!
// Make a date with your besties and laugh until your sides hurt and your face aches. Laughter is the best medicine!
// Empty your head onto a piece of paper. You can write lists or more of a mind map to help clear your mind of all the things you’re worrying about. Sometimes just writing things down is all you need to feel lighter and more relaxed.

Do you struggle to relax too? If you’ve got any tips to add to my list please leave a comment or tell me on Twitter!
Loves x xx

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Mental Health: What You Don’t See

What You Don't See - Depression & Mental Health
I wrote this to clear my head. I have numerous draft posts like this that have never been published, but then I headed to Twitter for a catch up and stumbled across #WhatYouDontSee – so here you go, here’s my little addition to what you don’t see behind my facade of a happy, colourful, bright and breezy world of handmade.

I’m struggling today. Things started out pretty much as normal, I set my alarm to try and get up at a reasonable time (8am) but ended up peeling my eyes open at 8.30am and scrolling mindlessly through social media on my phone. Boyfriend brought me a cup of tea at 8.45am and I got up and got dressed. Pretty standard weekday routine.

I had breakfast at my desk and wrote my to do list for the week and then ploughed on through today’s tasks – my weekly accounting and order making and packing from the weekend were blitzed earlier than ever. I was feeling pretty fearless. Then I broke for lunch and things went downhill from there. I watched some Netflix with my hot sandwich and salad and became so tired I could have passed out. Instead of curling up and taking a nap, I picked up my knitting to stitch a row and woke myself up enough to get back to work.

I tried taking some Instagram shots, but the lighting and colour balance were all off so I couldn’t even edit them right. I started to get more and more frustrated. I sat down at my laptop which had run out of battery over lunch – Such an effort to retrieve my charger from downstairs. I took a quick loo break and looked at myself in the mirror. The bags around my eyes are like crevices these days and I can barely hold my eyes open as I stare at my weathered face.

“This can’t be normal.”

“I shouldn’t have to put up with this.”

“Why can’t I get to the bottom of what is affecting my physical wellbeing?”

I take my meds for anxiety, but I think the depression is haunting me again. It’s like a playground bully, ripping you to pieces just as you think you might be starting to like yourself.

I get so frustrated with my depression that I feel sick to my stomach. Life is hard enough without an unexplained blackness affecting my ability to work, keep the house clean & tidy and stay in touch with friends.

At this point I am at a complete loss for what to try next because quite frankly I don’t have the energy to care about a solution. I just want to curl up in a dark, warm & cosy ball and sleep until I’m well, but every time I crawl into bed something jolts me back to the real world and I have to get up and start all over again.

Tears have filled my eyes now so at least they feel something else other than sore, but I just can’t go on like this.


If you’re feeling like this today, I offer you up the warmest of hugs. Let’s grab a cuppa, take a breath and keep pushing on.
Loves x xx

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