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Eating Out In Amsterdam: The Avocado Show

Best Places for Brunch in Amsterdam - The Avocado Show

A brunch spot entirely dedicated to the avocado? Well yes, we HAD to visit The Avocado Show in Amsterdam, for research purposes of course! Near the Heineken Experience and I Amsterdam sign, The Avocado Show is open for breakfast and lunch, but closes by 5pm so make sure you make your day time eating plans around this amazing avocado heaven!

Eating Out in Amsterdam - The Avocado Show

Places To Eat in De Pijp Amsterdam

We arrived around 11am and were seated straight away, but shortly after that the restaurant became extremely busy and there were a whole bunch of people waiting outside for a table at some point during the brunch period. There is a lovely vintage shop down the road if you’re stuck waiting for a while, though.

It might seem like an obvious thing to say, but just in case, if you don’t like avocado this is not the place for you. You might get away with ordering the nachos and not eating the avocado dips, but even the fresh smoothies have avocado in.

Where to eat near Heineken Experience in Amsterdam

The Avocado Show Amsterdam

The food at The Avocado Show is hands down the prettiest food I’ve ever been served

I went for a chicken sandwich, which was a chunk of crusty bread topped with truffle mayonnaise, an entire avocado sliced up, several slices of chicken and topped with pea shoots and edible flowers. Anywhere that serves pea shoots instead of standard salad gets an A++ from me!
Stu ordered a whole avocado cut in half and stuffed with hummus – it was topped with various spices and edible flowers and was an excellent taste combination. We got some nachos on the side that were basic, but covered in tasty cheese and came with a rich avocado dip.

Drinks wise Stu chose an avocado based smoothie, which was deliciously creamy and contained no milk. I chose an espresso, which you’ll be glad to hear contained no avocado!! They also have fresh orange juice, made in house.

Avocado Restaurant Amsterdam

Eating Out In Amsterdam

The restaurant seating of dreams

I loved the decor too – one wall was painted mint green with pink booth seating – the restaurant seating of dreams! The wall opposite was a textured grey that looked like an old industrial wall. I loved the effect, but it looked like it took ages to create so I’ll probably avoid trying that at home. Other areas were created with floor to ceiling greenery and there were cute cacti and green potted plants on every table. The decor in the bathroom was gorgeous too, they’ve really put care and attention into the place.

Instagram Brunch Spots Amsterdam

Vegetarian Food in Amsterdam

The Avocado Show can be found on Daniël Stalpertstraat in Amsterdam
Open 7 days a week, 8.30am – 5pm
Card payments only, no cash
More info on their Facebook page

Avocado Cafe in Amsterdam

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Eating Out in Manchester: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

Eating Out in Manchester: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

Look at these guys, I would be totally lost without them! I met up with Fran and Daisy the other week for a mastermind session and we were totally shocked to realise it had been almost a year since we last all met up together. We talk a lot about business together and so we arrange to meet up every now and then to discuss goals and just life… it usually ends up being mostly the latter with cocktails and wine, haha!

We were invited to hang out at Zouk Tea Bar in Manchester this time to chat and try out their menu and I just wouldn’t be myself if I turned down a delicious Indian meal! I had heard of Zouk, but I didn’t even realise it was Indian food until Fran sent me the menu (does anyone else like to choose what they’re going to eat before they even get to the restaurant?!). I was really excited to see so many paneer curry options as I love to try eat meat free as much as possible when I go out to eat and paneer is one of my favourite vegetarian alternatives.

Eating Out in Manchester: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

For starters I chose Spicy Prawn Cakes, which were only moderately spiced, but completely delicious with the saffron mayo they came with and I’m excited to try making it myself at home – I love dipping sauces and condiments! After a long deliberation I choose the Palak Paneer with spinach, but I’d love to try all the paneer dishes at some point – the sauce was really tasty and again moderately spiced, but the paneer was sadly a little tasteless. Next time I might ask if they can make it tandoori style! The naan breads were delicious and I only wish I could have eaten it all!!

Eating Out in Manchester: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

Eating Out in Manchester: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

I was a little disappointed by the lack of dessert choices on the day we went to Zouk Tea Bar as I had heard they have loads of fresh cakes on offer, but we were served a generous three-scoop ice cream with lots of caramel sauce so I can’t complain! I love a good ice cream to cleanse my mouth at the end of a meal and especially to put out the fire of a good curry! We also enjoyed a nice bottle of red wine, which I always love to accompany Indian food. The restaurant is quite large with plenty of different seating options and room for large parties – a big group were happily seated while we were there, but there was plenty of space so we never felt like they encroached on our afternoon.

Eating Out in Manchester: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

After our lovely meal at Zouk Tea Bar we headed to Allotment bar for more chatting working and a few drinks to settle into Sunday evening. We chose a seat by the window and the view of the beautiful lights outside from the cosy bar was the perfect spot to unwind and dream the evening away. We finished the night with a hot chocolate and headed off home with full bellies and heads ready to take over the world! Loves x xx

Eating Out in Manchester: Zouk Tea Bar & Grill

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