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How To Spend Less Money on Clothes and Avoid Waste

How to spend less money on clothes and avoid waste. Learn to look after your clothes by understanding the washing care instructions with this handy infographic.

// Avoid throwaway and fast fashion trends. Choose pieces you can mix up with more fashion led accessories instead to achieve the latest looks  – or even better, develop your own signature style that won’t need to change as the wind blows

// Always, always check if an item is dry clean only before you buy it. This is the one thing that I constantly forget to do and I have a whole section of my wardrobe that is ‘things I’ve worn once before I can’t be bothered to get them dry cleaned’. When you’re shopping on a budget, this is definitely something that could sway you not to buy.

// Brush up on your washing symbols. The folks at Data Label asked me to share the survey that they carried out with you guys – can you believe they found out that 56% of people were confused about the care instructions on their clothes? Well, yep – I have ruined a gorgeous silk top by sticking it in the washing machine instead of paying attention to the label! You can see the full survey results over at Laundry and Cleaning News. Thankfully, Data Label have created this amazing infographic to make taking care of your purchases easier so you can spend less money on clothes and avoid waste. I had no idea those drying symbols even existed!

How To Spend Less Money on Clothes and Avoid Waste

// Use Pinterest to come up with multiple outfit ideas to create a capsule wardrobe from a few key pieces. Instead of feeling like you need to buy something new, shop from your own wardrobe and style up a new outfit using items you would never normally wear together.

// Spend more on quality essentials like a great fitting pair of jeans that washes well and basic tops that you can wear again and again without the quality failing. It might seem like a no brainer to buy the cheaper version of something, but it’s a false economy. Having to replace these pieces less will save you money as well as looking after the environment and avoiding waste.

What tips and advice do you rely on how to spend less money on clothes and avoid waste?

Loves x xx

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Outfit Post: How To Wear Colour & Brighten Up A Rainy Day

Outfit Post Amsterdam

There is something so calming about wandering the streets and canals in Amsterdam, even in the rain we had on this day. I could have stepped out in my jeans and a jumper, but I decided to brighten up the morning with my amazing raindrop skirt from Lucy Teacup instead and when I saw a little old lady admiring my skirt on the ferry I knew I’d made a good choice! Here’s my tips on how to wear colour and brighten up a rainy day:

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Papel Picado Mexican Bunting Necklace by Onetenzeroseven

I bought this skirt first at our Etsy Made Local fair at Christmas and everything else in the outfit was bought to match. I actually picked up these tights in M&S outlet for £1.75 and they match perfectly! When you’re looking for things to go with a certain piece of clothing you own, try taking the item with you when you go shopping or at least have a photo of it to hand.

These gorgeous clogs are also from Etsy and are by Lotta From Stockholm for a bargainous £56.50! I really struggled to find some shoes to go with this skirt, but I was determined not to wear it with black! I eventually picked out the pink raindrop to go with my pink hair too.

Amsterdam Canals Outfit Post

How to wear colour, colorful outfit ideas

The top was a last minute purchase the day before we went away to Amsterdam – I have a blue top that matches the skirt and tights, but I wanted something more colourful and less matchy. This top is from Wallis, where I wouldn’t normally shop, but the fit is lovely and it was only £16.

It was pure coincidence that the Papel Picado necklace from my new collection picks out most of the colours in this gorgeous skirt, but I love that it reintroduces the colours a little further up to balance the entire outfit and is a perfect example of how to wear colour. Jewellery, scarves and accessories are a great way to pick out colours in your outfit. I added a denim shirt as a cover up too.

Raindrop Skirt by Lucy Teacup

Colourful Outfit Post

Pink Blouse | Wallis  //  Raindrop Skirt | Lucy Teacup  //  Electric Blue Tights | M&S Outlet
Pink Clogs | Lotta from Stockholm  //  Papel Picado Necklace | Onetenzeroseven

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