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Etsy Help: How To Add Additional Cost For Gift Wrap On Etsy

How to add additional cost for gift wrap on Etsy

Do you want to add additional cost for gift wrap on Etsy so customers can purchase a gift box or gift wrapping? Get some Etsy help below by undestanding variations and add ons!

As an Etsy Captain I get asked a lot of questions about using Etsy and how to list items. The Etsy Seller Handbook is an excellent resource, but it strikes me that it can be difficult to pin point what tools to use when you’re trying to do something specific. One of the questions I was asked recently was how to include an add on for customers to add a gift box or gift wrapping to their order. There’s a great way to do this on Etsy, but the name ‘variations’ doesn’t immediately explain how it can be helpful in this situation.

Variations is an option in your individual listing, underneath the price and quantity section.

Etsy Listing Variations - How To Add Gift Wrap Option

Click ‘add variations’ to get a pop-up box with a drop down menu. Scroll to the bottom to find ‘create a new variation’.

Add Variations Etsy

Etsy Variations Menu

In the box that appears, name your listing variation. This will appear underneath the price on your Etsy listing so make sure it’s spelled correctly, formatted correctly and makes sense to your customer. The golden rule is to be as simple as you possibly can to avoid confusion or your customer may leave and shop elsewhere.

How to add gift wrapping to an Etsy Listing

Once you add your variation, boxes will pop up to the right hand side which are your variation options. Again, make these as simple as possible so your customers understand the buying process. Your customers will have to choose these options from a drop down menu. You don’t need to add any prices here, we do that in the next step. Click update when you are done. Don’t forget to check the option for varying prices too – this allows you to make the yes option a higher price to pay for your gift wrapping service.

Understanding Variations and Add Ons

Back on the main listing page some changes have been made. Instead of having the price written in the price section, we now need to add this in the variations section. Next to each option, add the full price of the item, including the selected gift wrapping option. My gift wrapping cost is £1.50 and my item cost is £5 so next to the ‘Yes Please!’ option I have added the price £6.50 to include both costs. Next to ‘No Thanks!’ I have added just the item cost of £5. The customer will see these prices next to your options in the drop down menu.

Adding Gift Boxes To Etsy Listings

How to add an additional cost for gift wrap on Etsy

Once completed, select publish as normal and view your listing to make sure it makes sense. The new gift wrapping option should now be displayed underneath the price on your listing in a drop down menu. The main price has a + next to it, indicating that the price is from £5 and will change accordingly when your customer selects their preferred option.

Adding gift wrap to an Etsy Shop

Etsy Help Adding Gift Wrapping Option
Woohoo! You’ve nailed it! One final point to consider: While customers like to have a lot of choice when shopping, too much choice has actually been proven to be a barrier to making a sale. Keep your variations as simple as possible. Etsy only allow you to have two different variations on each listing anyway.

Another way to add additional cost for gift wrap on Etsy is to also have gift wrapping as a separate listing that you link to in your item description. Any links you put in your description that are Etsy links (ie.…) will be clickable.

Don’t forget to check out the Etsy Help article on listing variations too!

Any questions, fire away below or find me on social media @onetenzeroseven
Loves x xx

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Home Office Design Inspiration For My Handmade Business

Home Office Design Inspiration for your handmade business. A good working office needs...

I was out in my garage yesterday, using the laser cutter in the makeshift workshop I have set up, dreaming about my new home office design that we’re planning to build into a new extension. It will be a couple of years before we’re able to afford such a big renovation, but it’s never too early to gather inspiration, am I right?

Office Principles were chatting to me recently and they asked me to share my best tips on home office design with you guys, so here are the main things I’ll be considering when I finally move out of my bedroom office into a custom built space:

// Although I work alone now, I want to make sure there’s enough space for an additional person to work with me if I am able to employ an assistant or if I just fancy co-working with another self employed pal one day. I wouldn’t want the space to take up too much room so I would be looking at stackable seating and expandable desk space. I loved the workspace area from this open concept tiny house that Ana White created.

Office furniture with a pop of colour

// The room I work in now is amazing as it’s so much larger than any space I’ve been able to use before. However the more you get, the more you want and I’m already frustrated by the lack of wall space in my current office. I believe a workspace should be inspiring and motivating and I’d love to have more space to hang my travel photos and fun motivational quotes to get me through the working day.

// I’m lucky to have tonnes and tonnes of natural light already in my current workspace, so this is something I definitely need to carry over into the new space. As a designer it’s so important to have natural light so you can get an accurate representation of what something actually looks like – plus being able to see nature outside your window is a huge boost for your mood.

// I really want a space that is pretty, but also practical so as well as wall space, I would be looking to have areas set aside for my workshop (dirty things!) photography area (super clean things!) and stock storage. At the moment my office is very impractical as there isn’t enough room for everything to have it’s own place. Everywhere is storage at the moment so there is very little actual workspace to utilise!

creative workspaces

// My current space is decorated in my brand’s colours which not only makes it so much easier for me to stay on brand with my photographs and behind the scenes peeks, but also looks more professional and cohesive to any outside person coming in. It also helps that I love these fun colours and it makes me feel focussed to be surrounded by the brand I’ve worked so hard to build.

Office Principles also have some great insight on what makes a good office space and they also asked me to tell you folks that they offer an office refurbishment service so they can do all the work for you while you concentrate on business!

If you want some more ideas and inspiration for your home office, have a peek through my Pinterest board below!

Loves x xx

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