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The Perfect Mojito For Your Mexican Night

The perfect Mojito for your Mexican night

We’re not short of a Mexican night or two in our family, in fact sometimes it seems like we just hop around from one weekend to the next, eating Mexican food at a different person’s house and that is just my ultimate dream! Haha.

I usually only break the cocktails out at Christmas, but thebar asked me to try out some of their Summer cocktails to share with you guys and now I make a mean Mojito! Traditionally a Mojito is a Cuban drink so it will go great with tapas too, but I’m definitely bringing that bad boy along with me to our next Mexican night feast!

Summer cocktails ideas - Mojito

To make a solid Mojito, you will need:

White Rum (I went for Captain Morgan because it looks the coolest… call me shallow if you will!)
Caster Sugar
Fresh Mint
Soda Water
Crushed Ice

Pop along to thebar for the full Mojito recipe, but here’s my little run down. I made ours in these fancy whiskey glasses I inherited from my Great Uncle, but you could use any tall glass, jar or tumbler that can hold plenty of ice.

Cocktails for Spicy Food

If you’ve watched any bartender worth his salt make a cocktail you’ll know to start by filling your glasses with ice to make them super cool and cold (you’ll thank me later after all those jalapenos!), then pop the ice to one side while you throw in a bunch of lime wedges and a two teaspoons of caster sugar. Give them a good mush in the bottom of the glass, add a handful of fresh mint and mush that in too.

Pop your ice back in to about the 3/4 mark. Crushed ice is way better as you’ll fit more in and it’s so easy to prepare. Throw some into a bag and give it a couple of whacks with a rolling pin.

The perfect Summer Mojito

Now for booze! Add in your white rum (I’m a double measures kind of gal, but don’t forget to drink responsibly) and a dash of soda water to taste. We found that less is more when it comes to soda water as it has quite a bland taste if you overdo it.

Top up your glass with ice and add some more mint leaves and a lime wedge to make it super pretty! Serve with nachos and as much spice and cheese as you can get your hands on for the perfect Mexican night in.

How to make a Mojito

Cocktails perfect for Mexican or Cuban food

We also tried the Mint Julep, one of my ultimate favourite cocktails for a Summer afternoon and it turned out great. I had no idea where to get sugar syrup from, but they just had it at our local supermarket. It’s very similar to the Mojito, but if you’re a bourbon drinker you’ll love the sharp taste of the whiskey against the super sweet sugar and mint.

What’s your favourite cocktail? Recipes please!! Loves x xx

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Outfit Post: Neon Geometric Dress

Neon Outfit Ideas

This is not at all what I would pick out for myself to wear, but that’s what I love about how this outfit came together. Bright neon, geometric prints are not at the top of my favourites list. I do love colourful patterns, but I’m more of a cutesy pineapples and flamingos kinda gal so it was fun trying something different.

My friend pointed me in the direction of Alice’s Pig, a fashion brand based down in London. Their collection is not only independent (my fave!) but also full of unusual and kooky styles inspired by vintage cuts. They are truly unique.

Alice's Pig Blind Date With A Dress

Colourful Tassle Necklace

The selling point for me was a special offer they were running at the time, a blind date with a dress. On offer was a lucky dip dress for £15, you choose the size and Alice’s Pig sent you a piece from their current collection at random. It was so much fun and so exciting to rip open the packaging. Like I said I would never have picked out this neon geometric dress, but it’s so fun and flattering and it has pockets! I love the adorable scalloped hem line. I choose a 14, which is a perfect fit, so I would say the fitting is a little on the small size as I’m usually a 12/14.

Neon Geometric Dress

Neon Geometric Outfit Post

The blind date with a dress offer has now run it’s course, but if you sign up to their mailing list you get a whopping £10 off your order and they have some beautiful pieces currently in the sale. If I find out they’re running the lucky dip offer again I will be sure to tweet out and let you know!

The neon geometric dress was the basis for my outfit and it was a fun challenge styling something completely different to what I’d usually wear. I choose two of the most colourful pieces in my wardrobe to complement it, my favourite cardigan that I bought in New York a couple of years ago and these cute shoes that I picked up from eBay. The dress still has plenty of black in the pattern though, so I could keep it toned down with some black accessories like tights and a handbag.

Yorkshire Fashion Blogger

My necklace was made by my sweet friend, Zsuzsanna from Zetaemme. Her Etsy shop is full of colourful accessories – I have a collection of her hair ties too! The range of colours in the necklace makes it so easy to style with lots of outfits, patterned, plain, casual & fancy and I love the length; They’re available in a shorter length too, but I wasn’t so keen on that one. It’s also really lightweight, which makes it ideal for long days out compared to some of my other statement pieces.

I love that I have something completely wacky to pick out from my wardrobe now. It makes me feel a bit more special on those dull days when you need an extra pick me up. Loves x xx

Geometric Print Dress

Neon Geometric Dress | Alice’s Pig  //  Cardigan | Old Season Aerie (Similar*)
Necklace | c/o Zetaemme  //  Ring | Black Willow Jewellery  //  Shoes | eBay
*contains affiliate link

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