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Outfit Post: Enjoyed Not Endured

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I read something recently that really struck a chord – “Life should be enjoyed not endured.” – and I really think I’ve been doing the latter. On the whole I really try to enjoy life, I try to get excited over the little things and believe everything is going to work out, but on a daily basis I have been subconsciously whiling away the hours feeling sad and fed up and wishing for each day to be over.

Boyfriend and I work really hard and it’s not often we take time off to just have a little fun. A couple of weeks ago we headed out for an impromptu date night, to have a couple of drinks and a nice meal for the bank holiday. We popped into the new Turk’s Head by Whitelocks for a drink and snuggled up in the courtyard under the toasty heat lamps. I love the rustic style of Turk’s Head Yard and the eery apothecary feel of the bar inside.

Salty Kiss Magic Rock Brewery

Turk's Head, Whitelocks, Leeds

After Turk’s Head we headed up to The Social and North Bar, a pair of our Leeds drinking staples, before making our way down to Akbars for our favourite curry. By the time we got down to the bottom of Eastgate it was raining quite heavily and hoards of people were queuing out of the door of Akbars. Not fancying getting soaked we googled the Indian across the road and TripAdvisor deemed it appropriate to we climbed the stairs to a space above the retain units next to the new shopping centre that is still being built. Kerala is a South Indian restaurant with a nice twist on your typical British curries. I had a paneer roast, punched with incredible spices and taste and best of all Kerala serve fresh puri bread – my favourite!

I wore this tunic from Next, dressed up with some opaque black tights and heels, as super comfy dress. The fitting is quite long so it makes the perfect mini dress for me as I feel it would be too long with jeans.

The whole night wasn’t that expensive and we had some great talks about future projects we could work on, feeling inspired in different surroundings with a more relaxed atmosphere. I need more impromptu date nights in my life and I’m going to book a holiday in the next few days. Do the things you love, you never know when it might be too late.

Tribal Style Outfit Ideas

Geometric Mini Dress Outfit

Dress | Next  //  Cardigan | Appletree Boutique (Similar*)  //  Necklace | Black Willow Jewelry
Boots | c/o Wynsors  //  *Contains affiliate link

Every day should be enjoyed not endured. What are three things you can do to lift your spirits today? Loves x xx

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Best Bars in Tenerife: Cafe Steps in Costa Adeje

Fruit Beer Bar, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

I was positively giddy to discover Cafe Steps, an adorable Belgian bar in Costa Adeje Tenerife. I’m not a big fan of your typical tourist bars where you can get a pint for a Euro… mostly because I don’t like pints, haha! When I’m on holiday I want the same things from a bar as I look for back home: great atmosphere, cool decor, good selection of reasonably priced drinks plus the most important factor – a sense of the local culture. If I want to hang out with a bunch of British folks and drink Carlsberg I don’t have to venture far from my house in the UK.

Tucked down a side street, Cafe Steps is one of the best bars in Tenerife with everything I’m looking for! Even though it’s not on the beach front, if you look over the edge of the veranda in the daytime you can see the sea at the bottom of the hill, plus the view up the hill is of the incredible, towering Tenerife mountains. I loved the vintage vibe and Moroccan style decor too!

Best places to visit in Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Best Bars in Tenerife

Cafe Steps is owned and run by Leon & Sabine who could not be better hosts. Leon was always dressed up in a kooky jacket and bow tie and they have an incredible selection of beers including my favourite Liefmans, which tastes 100x better on a beautiful afternoon in Tenerife.

Early evening in October the bar was very quiet and so we essentially got our own private veranda with table service, some of my most favourite hours of the holiday sipping my new favourite cocktail, the Hugo (Prosecco, elderflower & mint!). When the rain came rushing down unexpectedly we were expertly moved to a dry area while cushions were stripped and water whisked away. By the time the next guests arrived you wouldn’t have known it had been raining at all.

Unusual Bar in Costa Adeje, Tenerife

Best Cocktails In Tenerife

Cafe Steps is in the heart of Costa Adeje, by Playa Fanabe, close to lots of restaurants and bars so it’s the perfect addition to your night out. We revisited later in the evening on another night for a completely different atmosphere to our peaceful private drink, the bar was humming with chatter and music, but still enough room to settle in our large group of 6!

Best Bars in Costa Adeje

Cafe Steps, Playa Fanabe, Tenerife

Cafe Steps is situated on the hill down from Calle Londres, just opposite the Royal Sunset Beach Club in Playa Fanabe, Costa Adeje, Tenerife

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