WE BOUGHT A HOUSE: Welcome to our first home

We bought a house!

OOF. It’s been a long, arduous 9 months.

We’ve wanted to buy a house for a while now, partly because we need a space that’s quite unusual and partly because we were sick and tired of dealing with letting agents trying to bleed us dry – emotionally and financially!

Back at the beginning of last year I really started to seriously look at buying our first home¬†and pretty much bullied Boyfriend to go along to some viewings. I think our first viewing was an ‘open house’ style where you just turn up, so that eased us in to the whole process without having to tell estate agents our life story. Pretty soon we fell for a house and were thrown into applying for a mortgage with a really tight deadline. Right then I realised why they say buying a house is one of the most stressful things you can do in life. We put an offer in and, long story short, we didn’t get it. I cried in bed that morning.

Our first home - A huge renovation project!

We viewed so many houses online and in person that it just wasn’t fun any more and we wondered if we’d ever find something suitable that we could afford. A house came up that was at the very, very top of our budget so we went along and decided immediately that we wanted to buy it. We had another viewing straight afterwards of this little mess of a house in a less than desirable area of Leeds (that we’d chosen because it was obscenely cheap) and we almost cancelled it, but decided we should go along.

That little mess of a house became our home.

Our first home - A huge renovation project!

We put in our offer in June last year and got it accepted on 1st July – I remember clearly, because I was sat in Subway on my own having a break from working with a brand for the day when I got the call – and because of a paperwork error when the previous owners bought it, it took 9 months for the sale to go through. If I thought buying a house was stressful before, this was a living nightmare: We ended up homeless, spent a fortune on storage, moved in with my Mum – dog and business and all –¬†hired moving vans on two separate occasions, argued a huge bill from the letting agents of the property we’d lived in for over 6 years (we won!), put in complaint after complaint about the delays in the purchase of the house and became very pally with the previous owners when we’d ring each other to swap stories and updates. To be completely honest, I’m not sure how we survived.

Earlier this month, the house became officially ours. We’re homeowners and I can’t quite believe the nightmare is over. Our first home is going to be a huge renovation project and I can’t wait to share all the steps with you!

Loves x xx

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