Making The Best of Tenerife and Beach Holidays

Making The Best Of Tenerife

I don’t like beach holidays. There I said it. Beaches are not my thing, sand gets into your pants no matter how hard you try, it’s dry and you’re always miles from a refreshing drink. I’m not a huge sunbather either, I find it hard to relax so I get really bored and I burn! However for the last six years I’ve been on a beach holiday every year and I’ve become a pro at seeing past the tourist traps and finding what beach holidays really have to offer.

Things To Do In Tenerife - Watersports

Making The Best Of Tenerife - Mountains

I was really surprised by how unusual Tenerife was, expecting a typical barren island with endless holiday resorts, but instead I was greeted by these incredible mountains as the backdrop to my week. As well as being a beautiful island (perfect if you’re into photography like me!), there are a whole bunch of must dos while visiting Tenerife.

Try something completely different with a trip to the capital of the Canary Islands, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, bursting with colourful buildings it really is an inspirational city to wander the streets of. I also absolutely love shopping in Europe because the clothes are just so much more me and a little bit different to back home.

Things to do in Tenerife: Santa Cruz De Tenerife

Things to do in Tenerife - Teide

It’s a long and winding drive up to Mount Teide, but more than worth it for the breathtaking view out across the whole island. We went up on a cloudy day, but the views were still completely incomprehensible. It was like being in a fairytale land!

First Choice asked me to tell you guys about their holidays to Tenerife and one of their recommendations is staying in Playa de la Arena for a quieter, modern resort with Mount Tiede as it’s backdrop. If you aren’t sure where to stay on this unusual and beautiful island, then it’s worth taking the advice of their holiday experts.

Making The Best Of Tenerife - La Gomera

I haven’t managed to get across there yet, but I would love to see La Gomera up close, especially after watching the sunset behind it every night. The tiny island houses a misty forest that sounds like a must see!

Of course, the ultimate reason to visit Tenerife has got to be Siam Park! Voted the no.1 waterpark in the world on TripAdvisor, it’s definitely the best one I’ve been to so far, by ten thousand miles!!

Things To Do In Tenerife - Eating Out

Making The Best Of Tenerife - Eating Out

Just like being back home in the UK, I definitely recommend you check out the best places to eat on places like Foursquare and TripAdvisor. I think there’s a tendency when you’re on holiday to just fall into the nearest place along the beachfront, but there are some real hidden gems just a short walk around that corner where the food is incredible. Favourites include Bombay Babu, La Nonna & Restaurant Sebastian. We also really enjoyed the bars in La Caleta for an early evening drink to watch the sunset.

Making The Best Of Tenerife - La Caleta

Making The Best Of Tenerife - Sunsets

The sunsets are, of course, the unsung heroes of Tenerife. Just check out those colours.
Loves x xx

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  • Prettygreentea

    Such beautiful photos. I would love to go at some point, it looks very different to how I imagined it. I’d also love to go to the water park that you made the YouTube video about.

  • Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

    I just learned about siam park recently and it looks AMAZING! Slides through a shark pool? yes please! I always thought tenerife was just resorts and not much else too, but now I’d be willing to give it a go.