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Booking Your Travel – Boring To-Dos For A Smooth Trip

Booking Your Travel, boring to-dos for a smooth trip.

Woah there, so you’re excited about booking an awesome trip, shopping for your new holiday wardrobe and planning your itinerary (even if you’re just lazing in a beach for two weeks!) but don’t forget there’s a whole bunch of a little more boring things you need to do too before booking your travel.

// Passport – Is your passport in date? Some destinations require you to have 6 months validity on your passport to allow you to travel. You can check the details for each country’s entry requirements (and other things like terrorism threat level). It’s advised not to book a trip without a valid passport and you often need your passport number to book a flight, but if you do find yourself in a tight spot you can get your passport urgently. I use the Post Office Check & Send service to apply for and renew my passport, just for added peace of mind.

// ESTA/Visa – As mentioned above, don’t forget to check your destination’s entry requirements and make sure you have applied and been approved for all your Visas before booking your travel. If you’re travelling to the United States you will need a Visa Waiver which is really easy to apply for online.

// Travel Insurance – Do not skip this step, trust me, there have been two occasions when someone I know has broken their leg in a foreign country. I know you don’t think this would happen to you, but one of them was just running down the beach when it happened! You can pick up travel insurance fairly cheaply online, but do check your excess amounts and what you’re covered for instead of just picking the cheapest. I get travel insurance through my bank, too, so look out for similar offers.

// Electricals – Inevitably when we go away as a group, we only have one adapter plug between us which can be a nightmare when you all have phones that need charging, cameras, kindles and hair dryers etc. Buy them once and keep them in the drawer with your passport. Don’t forget that if you buy them at the airport they’re likely to be charged at a premium.

// Currency – My Dad always advises me to get your currency when you arrive at your destination and it’s true that you can often get the best deal from foreign exchange kiosks when you arrive. However carrying a lot of cash can be a security risk and there’s a higher chance of falling for a con. You can get great deals by ordering your travel money online and Money Saving Expert have an awesome tool for comparing to get the best deal. Again, exchanging money at the airport is likely to be the most expensive unless you have book an online deal to collect.

// Medical – Visit your doctor at least 6 weeks before travelling to find out if you need to have vaccinations before travel or you can find more information by looking up your destination at the link above. If you’re travelling in Europe don’t forget to get your free EHIC card.

// Travel To and From the Airport – Plan your route to the airport allowing plenty of time for traffic and delays. If you’re travelling by train make sure your return journey is easily transferrable if your flight is delayed, which isn’t possible with a lot of cheaper advance tickets. Parking at the airport is a stress free way of getting there and back, especially if you have early morning or night flights. The guys at Airport Parking asked me to share their website with you and it’s a great resource of where to park at airports, prices and package deals. Make sure your transfers are included so you can get to and from the car parks to the airport with ease and put your keys in a safe place so you can find them easily when you get back.

// Check In Online – Some airlines charge a fee if you check in at the airport instead of online so make sure you read up on all your terms and conditions when booking your travel. If you check in online you might need a printer to access your boarding cards.

// Airport Security – Don’t forget you are only allowed to take travel sized liquid tubes and there is a limit per person. There are tonnes of restrictions on items that won’t be allowed through security as well. To make it as speedy as possible I don’t wear much jewellery or a belt when travelling and make sure my shoes are easy to slip off. If you’re travelling with a laptop you may be asked to remove it from the case and turn it on.

What’s on your list of boring to-do’s before travelling?

Loves x xx

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Outfit Post: The Morning After at Stoke Rochford Hall

Best navy hats and how to style a felt floppy hat

Forgive my crazy hair, it seems to be getting redder with every fresh coat of dye and I might have been a little hungover after my cousins wedding in the gorgeous setting of Stoke Rochford Hall. I think that day will go down as being both the best and worst food days, ever. Buffet English breakfast, then a stop off at McDonalds for a McFlurry, then back to my Dad’s for Profiteroles and a cuppa… ahem, not to mention our takeaway burger for tea. Whoops! Life is for living though, eh? It was a lovely family weekend and when everyone is so busy all of the time, it’s a real treat to get to spend the weekend together.

Best Winter hats, felt floppy hat in Navy with a cute ribbon detail

Bohemian style outfit, how to wear jeans, layers and fringing.

Casual outfit post, hats and jeans and boho fringed layers

My outfit is compiled mostly of gifts, my favourite people know me so well! I love my hats and now I’ve got a good collection growing I need to find a space in our home to put them on display – I love this idea, hopefully I can commandeer a wall big enough. I’m really hoping for a space in the house to turn into a dressing room, I’d love to have easy access to all my clothes instead of stuffing them in boxes on top of the wardrobe. Half of my things are still in crates in the living room…  too many clothes, me?!

Fringed cardigan with jeans and a floppy hat

Red head blogger, Yorkshire fashion blogger

Boyfriend picked out my kimono from one of my favourite stores, Stradivarius. I have a bit of a thing for European shops and much prefer the ranges available from Spanish Zara and Mango. I discovered Stradivarius a couple of years ago on holiday in Tenerife. It’s very reasonably priced with cute prints and adorable dresses. I have a floral patterned skirt from there with an elastic waistband and it’s got to be the most worn piece in my wardrobe.

Stoke Rochford Hall Gardens

Stoke Rochford Hall Gardens

Boho patterns and bright red hair

We had a lovely, brief visit to Stoke Rochford Hall. Unfortunately, something was stolen from one of our rooms which put a bit of a dampener on the stay, but the interiors and grounds are beautiful with a roaring fire in the entrance lounge and a library function room with a full glass fronted dance hall. It’s definitely one of the nicest hotels I’ve been to a wedding at!

Casual weekend outfit, jeans and layers

Jeans | Gap  //  Hat | Deichmann  //  Jumper | New Look  //  Kimono | Stradivarius  //  Necklace & Ring | Black Willow Jewellery

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