Using a GoPro at Siam Park Waterpark, Tenerife

Using a GoPro at Siam Park Waterpark

Yes, I’m a total water park fiend and there’s few better than Siam Park in Tenerife, rated the no.1 water park in the world on Trip Advisor. No crappy slides in sight, their rides are theme park-esque with huge inflatable dinghies.

Of course with rides that good, if you’re anything like me, you will want to capture those moments for a laugh a minute when you’re back home snuggled up with a cuppa and rubbish British weather! I tried looking up on the Siam Park website to see if GoPro or any video equipment were allowed, but there was no information available so I took to Google and came across this super helpful review.

So at the time of writing, the good news is you can use your GoPro at Siam Park on the rides. The bad news is, it’s a bit complicated and difficult to navigate with the staff on the day so I’m going to try and give you as much detail as possible.

Using a GoPro at Siam Park Waterpark

Using a GoPro at Siam Park Waterpark

First of all you will need to take either a chest mount or a head strap with you, they are the only ways you can attach your GoPro on the rides. You will not be able to hold your camera or attach it to a pole or wrist strap, so I’m guessing that rules out a lot of other camera brands too. We chose the chest mount because it was less intrusive and didn’t look as stupid – it was an ideal viewpoint for every ride. This is definitely obvious, but don’t forget to use your waterproof housing!!

You will also need to take your passport! There are lockers available to hire inside the park to keep your valuable safe, so be careful with it and don’t lose it.

When you arrive at the park, purchase or show your ticket as normal and enter the park through the ticket gates to the left. Immediately after entering and having your ticket scanned you will see a door to the left. There is no sign or anything on the door, but it should be open if you try the handle. Inside there is a desk with someone stationed behind, ask them for a pass to be able to use your camera. They will give you a short form to fill in, make sure you have the right mounting equipment, check your passport and give you a wristband to wear for the day.

Using a GoPro at Siam Park Waterpark

We got two so we could switch the camera between us, if you want to do this you will both need your passports. The wristband was made of paper, with a marker pen note stating ‘ok camra’. It looked very sketchy and I wasn’t convinced at all that it would work, but we were allowed to film on all the rides except two – Tower of Power and Naga Racer (for obvious reasons when you see those rides!) and you also can’t use the camera in the wave pool. When not in use, we kept the GoPro in our locker.

We got some great footage and even some of the staff had a joke with us, waving at the camera. Don’t forget to enjoy yourselves too, you’re going to have the best time at Siam Park! I’m already jealous that you’re thinking of going without me.

Loves x xx

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