Eating Out In Edinburgh: Brunch at Red Squirrel

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Checking out of your hotel? You’ve gotten up early because you have to pack? It’s late morning and all that rushing around made you starving? Your first destination has got to be brunch! We stayed in an Airbnb while we were in Edinburgh, but even when we stay in hotels we don’t pay for bed and breakfast. There are so many amazing places in the city to get a great, independent breakfast so why waste it on mass produced (chain-)hotel food? In my book, you should never waste a meal.

Red Squirrel Edinburgh

Good Coffee in Edinburgh

As soon as we sat our little bodies down the waitress popped over and asked if we’d like any tea or coffees. She brought over proper good mug-fulls of strong coffee with a bourbon (or custard cream for the teas) and the sugar jar was a wonderful ex-treacle tin. I’ve got to try that one myself at home!

There was a good variety of breakfast options depending on your tastes. So many places just offer you the Full English, so I was delighted by their twist on French Toast with cheese and spicy beans.

Red Squirrel, Edinburgh Review

Best Breakfast in Edinburgh

I heard a Red Squirrel burger is also a great choice for eating out in Edinburgh so we’ll definitely have to go back and try those fellas (if you can prise me away from the spicy edamame beans) and it looks like they have a great selection of ales and craft beers, but we were much too sore from the weekend to try those. Very un-brunch-like.

Supplied with the bill was a tray of retro sweets… well, you’ve got me sold!

Eating Out In Edinburgh

Loves x xx

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  • Prettygreentea

    This place looks fantastic and the colour-scheme is very you!

  • Sophie

    Mmm, I could so go for one of their coffees right now! You’d love it!