Eating Out In Edinburgh: Japanese at Bento Ya

Spicy Edamame Beans, Japanese Edinburgh

My second experience eating out in Edinburgh was much like my first; wandering around the city trying to find anywhere that would squeeze us in. Lasting impressions of dining in the city? Book a table! However I’m rather thankful this time that none of the restaurants we’d been recommended had a spare table, because we stumbled across this gem, Bento Ya, on Bread Street near the castle.

Fresh Maki, Edinburgh Eats

Vegetable Tempura, Japanese Restaurant Edinburgh

It looks pretty unassuming from outside and I almost vetoed the place straight away, but the rest of our party were up for it and I love a good bento box so we headed inside. Towards the back there was a beautiful seating area with twinkling lights and, sitting around a table for four, we felt like we were staring up at the stars.

Once menus were open, I couldn’t believe our luck. Hoards of fresh sushi and sashimi were on offer, plus a new take on my favourite – spicy edamame beans. I can not tell you how good they were… I wish I was eating them right now. The avocado stuffed into the maki and hand rolls was really fresh and the portions were huge!

Kimura Ramune, Japanese Soda Drink

Having absolutely no idea what was going to be produced, I gingerly ordered a traditional Japanese soft drink. I mean, who wouldn’t fall for lychee flavour anything? (Except actual lychees, they’re way too much like eyeballs for my liking!) When it arrived, the waitress struggled to get the bottle open but eventually slammed her palm onto the lid and, of all things, a marble popped out and into the neck of the bottle. Literally the most fun drink, ever! The flavour was subtle and not too sweet and I tried the melon one next, which was bright green. Such a child at heart!

Prawn Tempura & Avocado Hand Roll

Like many restaurants in Edinburgh, Bento Ya is also BYOB. However since we’d been at a good friend’s wedding the night before we were all a little too worse for wear to take advantage of the Sainsbury’s booze section, located round the corner. I’m so gutted this place isĀ in freaking Scotland, otherwise I’d be back trying all their sushi offerings! If you’re going to drop by, it’s cash only folks and they also do takeaway, but then you can’t enjoy it under the stars.

Noodle Soup, Bento Ya Edinburgh

Best Restaurants in Edinburgh: Bento Ya

Loves x xx

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