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EmergEtsy Surgery: Free Advice For Selling on

Free Advice for Selling on Etsy

Because I’ve been selling on Etsy for over 4 years, I’ve got a wealth of experiments and failures in my favour! If you’d like to improve your Etsy shop I can help you in one of two ways: Read this month’s top tip, below and then if you’d like some really tailored-to-you advice leave a link to your Etsy shop in the comments and I’ll have a browse and come back to you with a way you can improve! Hope you find it useful!

// This month’s top tip:
Open up your shipping offering to worldwide! If you think no-one will pay the high shipping rates to receive a parcel overseas, you’d be surprised! I’ve had customers pay more for shipping than for the actual item they purchased. Make sure you research costs, services, customs fees and everything that goes hand in hand with sending mail, though! Sometimes you have to do a bit of trial and error to get it exactly right, but the forums are a great place for advice.

// Open Surgery:
You’ve got between today and this Friday (18th August) to leave a link to your Etsy shop in the comments below and throughout the week I’ll reply to each person with a piece of advice to help improve your shop and boost sales. I might give you advice on your photography, tags, descriptions, policies… anything I think that might help.

After the 18th comments will be closed. If you’ve missed out on free advice for selling on Etsy this week, don’t worry, I’ll be running the same thing again next month! Make sure you don’t miss out by following on Bloglovin’ or Twitter.

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Outfit Post: My Little Hidden Travel Bug

Lifestyle Blogger, UK

I’ve always loved the idea of travelling, which I clearly got from my Dad. My mum isn’t a wide traveller and we never really went on many holidays when I was a kid, but as soon as I became a teenager I started to visit London as often as possible on my retail-worker-college-goer salary and kicked it up a notch to travel to Rome by myself to meet some online friends plus a visit to New York to stay in a hostel. When I met Boyfriend we planned a trip, hopping from Belgium to Switzerland to see some live music and camp under the stars (and outside an airport!). Then suddenly I don’t know what happened. I just stopped.

Summer Outfit Post

Sophie Onetenzeroseven

I know things got in the way. Life. I started a business, I moved out of my parents home, I got a dog and became self employed. It’s been a poor and stressful and busy few years (all for good reason!), but that little hidden travel bug inside me is jumping up and down with impatience so I’m hoping plans are in place for next year to be the year of travel.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve road-tripped to a lot of new places recently and seen more UK cities than probably most people, but I’m aching to see more of Europe, explore further in the US and hopefully some day head up to Canada for a road trip. I have a lot of places on my list like Barcelona and Amsterdam which I know will be so easy to achieve as short city breaks over a long weekend.

Fashion Blogger, UK

I’m actually hanging out near my Dad’s apartment in Cyprus in these pictures, which is such a rare thing and I’m so lucky to have access to. I’d love to go back and see Nicosia… the city lover that I am!

I’m gearing up for a few trips before the end of this year, one UK based that I’ve already visited but haven’t really seen in Edinburgh, and one back to Tenerife where I’ve already spent a beachy holiday so this time I’m hoping for more sight-seeing. After that, though, I’m making big plans! No more excuses, I need to feed my travel bug.

Paralimni Beach Cyprus

Cyprus Outfit Post

Dress | Topshop  //  Necklace | Topshop  //  Hat | Local Cypriot Stall
Sunglasses | Specsavers

Loves x xx

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