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Homeowner Goals – 9 Things To Do In My New House

Get Shit Done

I’m currently in the middle of trying to buy my first home (if you haven’t heard!) and I must say the phrase “when we get to the new house we should..” at least three times a day, so I figured I should start writing these ‘homeowner goals’ down. I’m really looking forward to it as a fresh new start and it’s even had me being more productive in our rented house this weekend – everything is so clean ready for the week ahead so let’s have that one to start us off…

// Get organised and stay organised. If a job will take less than fifteen minutes, do it there and then.

// Cook some new meals: Try something new at least once a month and share the recipe and results here with my folks.

// Read more. I have sooo many books from the past few years that I haven’t had time to read yet so I want to make an active decision to do more reading. I’ve already got plans for a sofa in my new office for tea breaks and a little reading nook in the living room for evenings and Sundays!

// Have a big freezer! This is one of the things I’m most excited about! Haha. Batch cooking, bagels from Costco, always having ice cream in, making pretty ice cubes!

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// Organise my jewellery. As a jewellery designer I have an absolutely ridiculous amount of accessories and they’re all stuffed away in boxes and drawers. I’d love to get them out on display so I can see what I’ve got when I’m getting ready.

// Re-photograph all my products for the Onetenzeroseven | Shop. I have all the ideas ready; I just need the space, the lighting (yay gorgeous natural light in our potential new home!) and the time!

// Have lots of beds, everywhere! A friend laughed at me last week for saying I wanted a day bed in the kitchen(!), but I really want to squeeze as many sleeping areas into our new home as possible so that our friends and family can come to stay whenever they want without worrying about booking a hotel.

// Spend more time in the garden. We have a small yard at the moment, but we’re right on a terraced street so there is absolutely no privacy. I’d love to enjoy my morning cup of tea curled up on the bench outside.

// Go on more city breaks. Hopefully, hopefully, we’re going to save a bunch of money on rent so I’d love to squeeze in a little budget to visit some new cities around the world for a short break, take my new GoPro and make some memories for those dull days.

This is only the beginning of the list and I’m so excited for all the things I haven’t even thought about yet!
Loves x xx

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Orla Kiely Finds for the Brand Lover on a Budget

Yorkshire Fashion Blogger based in Leeds

I attended a wedding earlier this Summer and found myself accidentally dressed head to toe in Orla Kiely (aside from my ancient mint green Topshop cardigan that I just cannot let go of!). I felt fancy, I can’t deny it, but the best part of it all was that I got each piece for a tiny fraction of Orla Kiely’s standard prices. I am not their target customer, I am priced completely out of their range as I don’t have lots of disposable income to spend on fancy clothes… but that doesn’t mean I don’t love them!

Orla Kiely Sample Sale

This beautiful dress is from the Orla Kiely Sample Sale, held in London at their showroom. The gorgeous sweetheart neckline is so flattering and the elastic waist hides a multitude of sins, whilst being covered up by a lovely matching belt. It oozes quality and not to mention the swishy-ness, I completely admit to spinning around like a ballerina while my skirt twirled in the breeze. I believe the dress RRPs at something like £350, but I got this for just £80. I know that’s still a hefty chunk of money, but I’m definitely going to get my money’s worth with three weddings this season.

Speaking of the sample sale, that’s also where I picked up the cute tan bag, just seen in the image at the bottom. It’s a very simple design to the untrained eye, but opened up reveals the traditional Orla Kiely floral pattern in a bold black & white and the back has a gorgeous punched flower into the leather. Very subtle.

I’ve accidentally arranged a trip to London at the same time as the sample sale twice now (no, seriously!) but it’s definitely worth making a special trip if you’re a big fan. They usually reveal their dates on their Instagram account.

Orla Kiely Shoes Dotty Clarks

Brand Lover on a Budget

Now the shoes are a completely different tale – did you know Orla Kiely design a much more affordable range, exclusively for Clarks? Their most recent range is currently on sale, if you’re lucky enough to find your size! I managed to get these lovely retro inspired chunky heels for half price as I had been given some vouchers for working with Clarks here on my blog. The Orla Kiely range I bought from was online exclusive and vouchers were only valid in store, but the lovely lady at Leeds’ Clarks store advised me to order them online and then return them to store and repurchase them with the vouchers. A bit of a palaver, but hey! It got me half the money off so I’m happy! Why not ask your friends and family nicely for gift vouchers for your birthday?

For those handsome men, try buying an accessory from a designer you admire, like Boyfriend’s Alexander McQueen tie. You can’t even tell it cost more than the rest of his outfit combined as no one is looking at those Forever 21 trousers while he’s wearing a super cool skull embroidered piece of silk around his neck! It did cost more than my dress, though :O

Orla Kiely Finds

Loves x xx

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