Indie Biz: Behind the Scenes Photography for Social Media

Photography for Social MediaPhotography for Social Media

A great way to engage with your customers, readers and fans is to share spur of the moment ‘behind the scenes’ snapshots on social media.

The problem with this is that last minute photographs can look dark and messy because they’re not taken with your professional camera or in the right lighting settings and usually you don’t have time to set up a great shot when you’re half way through working on a project.

Here are a few tips to create awesome spur of the moment photographs that will take you one minute at the most:

// Download a photo editing app to your smartphone. For the purposes of this blog post we’ll be using Afterlight, which is available for iPhone, Android and Windows for 79p or less!

// Always wipe the lens on your smartphone before taking a photo, this will eliminate that smudgy blur on all your photos.

// Move to a space with more light and or a plain surface. My photo was taken in the spare bedroom where there is a blank wall opposite a window. This cuts out the mess from my cluttered office shelves in the background of my photo.

Photography For Social MediaPhotography For Social Media

So here’s how I edited the photo to make it look cleaner and fresher:

1. Using Afterlight I brightened the image to get rid of the dull, grey look to the background.
2. Brightening an image can make it look a little washed out and pale so I added some saturation.
3. A saturated image can look too ‘warm’ with an orange tinge so I adjusted the temperature to make it look ‘cooler’ or more blue.

That’s it! Improve your photography for social media in one minute! Share your results with me on Twitter!

Loves x xx

P.S. To learn more about creative photography, pop along to my class in Leeds in a couple of weeks!

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