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I’ve been to Red’s True Barbecue in Leeds a handful of times already and always thought there was something I just didn’t get. The entire town folk of Leeds are crazy about that place and I always thought it ranged from a bit dry (pulled chicken sandwich) to yeah, it’s alright (nachos!). However I do give them credit for the amazing South Carolina BBQ sauce and the Pit Beans, which I could eat a bucket of. Amen indeed.

The Leeds restaurant was always so freaking busy that by the time you got a table you were pretty pissed, emotional or boozily… or both. We always meant to try the one in Headingley when it opened, but life gets in the way and we never managed it, despite it only being a 20 minute walk away.

Red's Restaurant Artwork

Red's True BBQ
It was but the gift of meat that eventually dragged us in the doors of Red’s True Barbecue, Headingley when Boyfriend got a gift card for his birthday and boy are we thankful for that gift! I don’t know whether it’s because the dust has settled or whether this branch is just less popular and quieter or whether Headingley have some kind of super human chef, but it was delicious. The service was great, we got seated right away and the decor was just so.

Red's True Barbecue Headingley

Boyfriend’s brother had told me about the chicken waffle burger and so I took the plunge, with a side of jalapeno and cheese sausage that we got to share; all deeply recommended, even if it did put me off waffles for a week or so! So much food! The combination of sweet with the sticky chicken was just perfect, especially when you drizzled on the amazing South Carolina BBQ sauce!

All washed down with a Savannah cider in a frosted glass, those extra touches are what I love about a place. I was disappointed they were out of stock of their tequila infused cider, so next time I’ll be getting that bad boy! Oh, there will so be a next time!

Chicken Waffle Burger
Loves x xx

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