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A couple of weeks ago I was invited over to Manchester for a small business workshop run by The Start Up Academy and Hiscox. It was great to get out and spend the day with some of my favourite bloggers, Daisy, Kay and Fran learning some great small business tips.

What is an entrepreneur?
Somebody that sees an opportunity where no one else does.

I don’t think you can really set out and decide to be an entrepreneur, I believe it’s just the way a person thinks and sees, like a way of life. You can be the most talented person in your field, but the business side of things can be really hard to grasp. I’m hoping I can share my top tips from this small business workshop to give you a little bit of a push into entrepreneurship!

// Your brand is the most important part – Helen Nugent, Northern Soul Magazine
This is one of my personal essential tips, so I was pleased to hear it from Helen too. Having a strong brand is what will set you apart from everyone else that appears to be doing the same thing as you. Your brand is the reason why someone should buy from you and not somebody else. Don’t skimp out on producing a logo and an instantly recognisable style.

// Know your reader. Know your customer – Helen Nugent, Northern Soul Magazine
What are Google Analytics telling you? Which pieces of content are working best? Who’s your target audience? What can you offer them? It’s important to know why you’re doing something to help you figure out how best to achieve it.

// Get legal – The Start Up Academy
Professional Indemnity Insurance protects you from breaching copyright or any claims against you as a person.
Public Liability Insurance protects you from any damage your products cause or accidents that happen on your property (e.g. your shop/craft stall). Make sure you’re covered because if you’re a sole trader and a home owner, they can take your house if you can’t pay out a claim made against you.

// Sales is not an art, it’s a science – The Start Up Academy
I found this point very interesting as I always thought I wasn’t a sales person, which isn’t helpful when the main part of what pays your bills is selling products! Work out how many leads you need or how much money to invest to return a sale.

// Save money where you can, but decide what you can’t compromise on – The Start Up Academy
I find way too many businesses are afraid to spend any money, but you’ve got to spend money to make money! For example if you’re selling a product online you really can’t compromise on product photography and web design. Make sure your laptop works!

I hope some of these tips will help you get started or even take a fresh look at where you’re going with your business! Thanks to Hiscox for inviting me to the small business workshop and for the delicious pastries and coffee at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester!

Loves x xx

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