Health & Happiness: Hula Hooping in the Modern Day

100 years of keep fit

Celebrating 100 years of ‘keep fit’, health care organisation Benenden brought their new video to my attention and asked if I’d share it with you folks. I love the way they captured exercise trends through the ages, complete with fun hair and make-up! I thought it was a great opportunity to tell you about one of my favourite ways to keep fit which I never knew was actually a 1950s trend – Hula Hooping!

Hula Hooping for fun exercise

Fun ways to exercise

My Nan and Grandad used to have a hula hoop hung on the wall in their yard and I loved playing with it, although I could never keep the hoop going for longer than a few turns. Fast forward over 20 years(!!) and now I know why! Haha. Kids’ hula hoops are missing one important ingredient to good hooping skills – they’re not weighted!

Now I’ve got myself a weighted hula hoop I can keep momentum going for hundreds of turns and it’s still just as fun as when I was a kid, except now I have my own house I can hula hoop anywhere, including my own living room. I love how easy it is to fit into your daily routine.

My favourite ways to fit hula hooping into the modern day are:

// As my five minute break during the Pomodoro Technique

// While catching up on shows on Netflix

// Dancing along to a new record on the record player

// While waiting for my lunch to cook in the oven

I love making keep fit, fun – especially when it’s convenient too! Which is your favourite exercise era?
Loves x xx

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