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Craft Fair Tips and Tricks

I remember doing my first craft fair and being absolutely terrified, searching around for everyone’s tips and advice to avoid falling completely flat on my face… now I’m writing my own blog post about Craft Fair Essentials like a pro ;) Haha.

// Cash box full of change! You can get some out of the bank in the denominations of your choice or you might find it easier to just gather some over the weeks prior to the fair. Thankfully Boyfriend always has tonnes of change from his buddies after playing 5-aside football so we don’t need to make a trip to the bank.

// Card Reader for taking card payments. I was surprised by how often I used mine the first day I had one available. I use the Paypal Here app and card reader which is really user friendly. It’s a great way to make sure you don’t lose a sale, especially in a venue with no cash machines near by.

// Display items and stands to create height on your table. My display was completely flat for my first fair and it definitely reflected in my sales. Try using cake stands, plates or these great stands from Ikea. As well as making your stand look more appealing, it will also create more space for products if you use the vertical space too.

// Promotional flyers and/or business cards. Maybe people aren’t looking to buy today, but if you give them a card they’re more likely to remember you when they’re ready to make a purchase.

// Carrier bags and packaging – various sizes! Some people just want a small bag they can pop in their handbag, other people want something easy to carry. Remember to provide the same level of customer service as you do online.

Craft Fair Tips

Craft Fair Essentials

// If you can take a packed lunch and a flask of tea, do it. Not only will it save you having to nip out half way through, but it will also make sure your profits remain as such! It can be so easy to spend the day’s takings on a sandwich and a couple of cups of coffee.

// Most places require you take your own tablecloth and the bigger, the better as you can hide all your bags and overstock behind it! It might even be cheaper to use a piece of fabric and sew your own hem. Double check whether you need to take your own table and chair too!

// A giant bag to carry it all in! Room To Grow sent me this pink polka dot bag to share with you guys and it’s perfect for craft fairs; it has a little padding to protect fragile products and stops stands and display items from poking you in the leg on the way there. It’s huge too, with all my essentials packed up there’s still tonnes of room for products.

// A buddy. Unfortunately no matter how much research you do, some fairs will be completely dead so having a buddy to chat to makes life so much more bearable. On the other hand, some fairs are so crazy busy that you’ll need a helping hand to do the coffee run or to hold down the fort while you pee!

Craft Fair Advice
Polka Dot Bag | c/o Room To Grow  //  Cake Stand | H&M  //  Plate & Stands | Ikea  //  Carrier Bags | eBay  //  Flyers & Business Cards | VistaPrint

Good luck!! Loves x xx

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