EmergEtsy Surgery – FREE Advice for Selling on

EmergEtsy Surgery - FREE advice for selling on Etsy

Hey folks! I’m so excited to introduce my new monthly series… I’ll be giving you FREE advice for selling on Etsy to make your shops super awesome and successful!

I’ve got some monthly ‘top tips’ to share here on my blog and, on top of these, from today until Friday 15th you can leave the link to your Etsy shops in the comments below and throughout the week I’ll reply to each of your comments with at least one piece of tailored-to-you advice for how you can improve and increase sales. I might give you advice on your photography, tags, descriptions, policies… anything I think that might help.

Because I’ve been selling on Etsy for over 4 years I’ve tried and tested a lot of experiments, tips and tricks to make sure my products don’t get lost amongst all the other gorgeous things you can buy, so I hope you can benefit from my experience!

Handmade Valentines Gifts

// This month’s top tip:
Use the same keywords that you choose for your item titles again in the description of your product and then again in the listing tags. This will give you the best chance of being picked up in Etsy’s search and get you closer to the front page of their search results.

E.g. If my item is called: “Wooden Dressing Table, Vanity Unit, Bedroom Furniture”
My Description could contain: “A lovely wooden dressing table, ideal as a vanity unit for your bedroom. Please browse my shop for more bedroom furniture.”
Then some keywords could be: “Dressing Table”, “Vanity Unit”, “Bedroom Furniture”, “Furniture, “Table”, “Vanity Table”.

After the 15th comments will be closed. If you’ve missed out on the EmergEtsy Surgery this week, don’t worry, I’ll be running the same thing again next month! Make sure you don’t miss out by following on Bloglovin’ or Twitter.

Loves x xx

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  • Toast Rack

    What a great series idea! I used to have a shop on etsy which i closed a couple of years ago but have been thinking of opening a new one so this will be great to read. Looking forward to it :) x

  • Evie

    My shop is in need of major help! Would love any advice.
    Thank you……

  • Sophie

    Oh you definitely should! Just get it out there and then improve it along the way. Pop back and let me know when you do – I’d love to have a peek :)

  • Sophie

    Hi Evie,

    Thanks for taking part :)

    It might help if you add some keywords to the beginning of your shop announcement. Pop a little description in there about what you sell and the things you love using words like ‘vintage’ ‘rustic’ ‘books’ ‘sixties’. This should help your shop get found. Then add your free shipping info in the next paragraph.

    Also try taking some new photos with a cleaner, plainer background. This image of yours is gorgeous:
    You could photograph your books on one of your tea stained paper doilies with a mug of tea at the side. Don’t be afraid to move the camera backwards a bit so you can get the whole book in shot. You can then add close ups in the rest of the image slots.

    I’d use the last image as your primary image for your tea stained doilies. The one you’re using is cool, but you can’t really tell what they are at a glance.

    Hope this helps!

  • Jo

    Hey Sophie! This is a fantastic blog series! I would LOVE some help as I’m considering closing my Etsy shop :-( Jo xxx

  • Sophie

    Aww Jo, first piece of advice: never, ever, ever give up!

    Try adding more keywords to the first paragraph of your announcement. What you’ve got is good, but maybe include ‘cuff links’ ‘handkerchiefs’ ‘earrings’.

    Use the most relevant phrase at the beginning of your item titles, so instead of saying “Small Handmade Personalised Love Birds Handkerchief” rearrange it to be “Personalised Handkerchief, Love Birds, Small, Handmade”.

    Also add in ‘pocket square’ to the handkerchief titles (then repeat in your description and keywords, where I’ve seen you use it already). One of the Etsy admin was telling us that she sells handkerchiefs and they weren’t selling at all, then she changed the wording to ‘pocket square’ and suddenly she sold one on the same day!

    Hope this helps! Your shop is so sunny and bright and welcoming :))

  • ? CARMEN ?

    I’ve been considering opening a shop & more advice like this could absolutely help me. Love the keyword tip. Works the same in blogging. :]

    // ? ?

  • Bonnie Wan

    Hi from Leeds :) i think i need major help with my shop sales have been so slow lately and i’ve added new designs but still no sales, so upsetting. Would love for some advice. Oh my shop name is
    :) Thank You

  • Jo

    Thank you SO MUCH!!! This is the best advice ever! Just need to get on and put it into action! Thanks loads, you’re a star! :-) xxx

  • Sophie

    You’re welcome Jo! Thanks for dropping by :))

  • Sophie

    Thanks Carmen :) Definitely pop back when you’ve opened your shop, I’d love to see it!

  • Sophie

    Hi Bonnie!

    Gorgeous products!
    So firstly you could do with working on your item titles: Instead of starting the title with the cute names of each design, start with the most valuable keyword or phrase first. For you this would be ‘Bralette’ ‘Bra’ ‘Lingerie’ etc. Add more descriptive words to your titles too and make them a little bit longer. Your tags are excellent so try repeating some of these in your titles and make sure they’re in the description too.

    Your white background photography is great, but try creating more of a lifestyle image as well. Perhaps photograph the underwear on a nicely made bed with a folded up blanket next to it and a book or maybe some candles and make up – Make sure you’re using as many of the 5 photo spaces as possible.

    In some of your descriptions you don’t describe the item. Remember your customer can’t pick it up and have a look so try your best to make it feel like they have with the words you use. Suggest who you could buy the item for or how it might make them feel.

    I hope this helps!

  • Evie

    Thank you so much, Sophie! I plan to redo so much in my shop & I am taking your advice! What a help you’ve been. I really appreciate the time you took to have a peek in my shop. You are lovely! Again, thank you…. :0)