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I’ve got the Home Decor bug… While Boyfriend was away on tour last week I was staying up late watching DIY show repeats (as you do) and I am desperate to decorate! I’ve been adding to my Make A House A Home board on Pinterest with all my ideas to try and ease the pain and I would expect a few more home decor related ideas here on my blog too ;)

Thomas Sanderson asked* me to share some of their gorgeous window blinds with you guys and they are really beautiful. In our rented house we have these awful beige blinds that fall down every time you open them so seeing these fancy bay window shutters inspired a whole theme – you know you’re getting old when window blinds excite you! Haha.

Bay Window Shutters

Rustic Bedroom Decor

1. Bedside Table | // 2. Letter Lights | The White Bulb // 3. Assorted Vases | H&M
4. Bed Frame | Funky Chunky Furniture // 5. Caged Light | Junkyard Lighting

If I were to buy a house I’d really want some gorgeous natural lighting flooding in every day. I can just imagine waking up and opening these majestic blinds while clutching a mug of tea… a little motivation to get out of bed every morning. I’d still want to keep my living room fun and dripping with pop culture references and band posters so I’d have much more rustic bedroom decor to relax in.

Remote Control Blinds

For hard to reach places Thomas Sanderson also have these remote controlled blinds. My Dad has an awesome skylight in his kitchen extension which I love (hello, natural light!) but I always think it would be an absolute nightmare on a bright day when the sun is glaring in. Some days I have to shut the blinds in my tiny office because it’s just too bright that my eyes hurt… so for the vampires amongst us these blinds seem like the perfect solution. Plus how cool would you feel, you can admit it! ;)

Loves x xx

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