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A few weeks ago Carpetright invited me to a crafty/DIY workshop at Chirpy in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. I was really intrigued about the idea of making things with carpet… and when I say intrigued I mean completely baffled! Haha.

The workshop was upstairs at Chirpy, where they run a number of crafty events and it was actually the first time I had gotten a chance to see the shop, despite knowing a lot about it and meeting the owner, Harriet through the local creative scene. It’s such a beautiful space, but I’ll share more about it later.

Crafting with carpet scraps

The workshop was run by Miriam who was great at encouraging our crafty sides out and cheerleading us on. I decided to make a rug (I know, I know, where’s my imagination?) for under my chair in my office… though it since developed a mind of it’s own and is now too big and fancy for that task so it lives on the landing – a space in our house that needs some sprucing up!

We were supplied hessian sacks as a base for the rug and advised to use Multi Tak spray adhesive to attach the larger pieces of carpet and other craft supplies. I added some smaller details using Copydex, but I think my jewellery glue E6000 would have been a good option too.

How to glue carpet

What glue to use

I went for a music theme with my rug and decided to add some fun musical notes with the carpet scraps. It was so much easier to cut through the carpet than I expected and slicing straight lines with a Stanley knife was like cutting through butter. The curves were a little more difficult, but Miriam had a great solution in a pair of garden scissors which were awesome. I was surprised that we didn’t need any specialist tools to create with the carpet scraps.

Since the workshop my mind has been overrun with craft ideas with carpet and I’ve been kicking myself that I didn’t try this idea and that. I’m hoping I get further opportunities to upcycle something¬†fun with carpet scraps and that Carpetright make some packs available for us crazy DIYers! If you have any laying around it’s actually so much fun to play with, but be careful – it’s a messy business! ;)

CarpetrightImage c/o CarpetRight

Loves x xx

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  • Dara Octaputri

    This is a good idea! We can use a new carpet for the base and an old carpet for the ornaments. I have an old carpet completely ruined in one night by my old cat. Perhaps I can do something about it. Thank you for sharing this! It’s so inspiring :)

    Love, Dara

  • Anna Simmonds

    Love the shot with you in the back holding your big rug. You weren’t kidding when you said it developed a mind of its own! Looks lovely. The musical notes are awesome! x