Offcuts: A Cumbrian Safari

Cumbria Wildlife
I mentioned last week that I spent some time in Cumbria earlier this year. I’m such a city girl, it’s ridiculous (cityscapes over countryside any day!) but being this close to nature and wildlife made me feel like a child, bounding through the Cumbrian fields and chatting to a Donkey like an old friend – look at those ears! It was the perfect opportunity for me to flex my photography and feel freshly inspired away from my laptop. My favourite discovery was the tree stump pig, below! Haha.

Cumbria Countryside

Cumbria Pigs

Creepy Trees

Cumbria Donkey

Nature Wildlife Blogger

Yorkshire Blogger

Cumbrian Sheep

Yorkshire blogger in Cumbria

Autumn Leaves

Cumbrian Nature

Bird in the Sky

Cumbrian Safari

Berries On A Tree

Loves x xx

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