On: Abandoned Buildings Of Leeds

I had a really interesting chat with the current @PeopleofLeeds resident, Ryan, earlier today.
Ryan brought to our attention two abandoned buildings of Leeds in Chapel Allerton: The old Yorkshire Bank building that Morrisons pitched to turn into one of their M Local stores and this beautiful mansion.

Abandoned Buildings of Leeds

Development Opportunities in LeedsImages c/o @PeopleofLeeds

// Government schemes – With so many new and small businesses in and around Leeds you would think we could eliminate these gorgeous pockets or architecture going to waste. As more and more huge, shiny, glass shopping centres command all of the high street stores to be swallowed into their bellies in the city centre, what about the continuous stream of empty buildings? Why isn’t there a scheme to partner small businesses, that can’t afford to grow, with old buildings that can’t be sold or developed?

// Small businesses – As a small business myself I know all too well the problems that come with working out of your spare bedroom at home. From storage space, to professionalism, to using your home address in correspondence. None of it is ideal, especially when you have to pile boxes of stock upon boxes of packaging supplies, upon boxes of tech that you haven’t got room to actually use yet. Myself and my boyfriend (a part time musician with a full time job) have become experts on cramming stuff into our three bedroom home at the absolute top of our rental budget, but you can’t help but let your mind wander on all the things you could achieve if you had a little bit of space to breathe in.

// Nurturing creative ideas – My own goals aside, I constantly have ideas to create new businesses and always say that if I won the lottery I wouldn’t give up working (I’d be so bored!!). Instead I would buy up abandoned buildings and create jobs and energise cities and their workers to really be creative with business ideas. There are so many daydreams that pass by completely unexplored.

// Making it easier to follow your dreams – I’d love to take up one of the larger buildings and create a musician hotel. A space to house traveling bands for cheap rent so they can play gigs within our vast music scene, get the chance to record a track or two and release it into the music hungry fans that line our streets. It pains me that so much great music is created and immediately lost, that so many bands have to quit just before they make it because they’ve hit their limit and need to return to day jobs.

It’s the same with creatives, illustrators, designers, hand makers… we should be welcoming and nurturing these minds instead of making it harder and harder for them to succeed. Co-working spaces with grants or scholarships, in house training and mentors, something so simple as affordable storage space!

So over on Twitter myself and Ryan are asking: If you could take any abandoned building in Leeds and refurbish it, which one and what would you create in it’s place? Not from Leeds? Tell me about your own cities! It would be great to collate a list of ideas so if you’re happy to share your idea here on Onetenzeroseven, let me know and I’ll featured a round up. Credit where it’s due, of course!

Loves x xx

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