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Since before Christmas I’ve been intrigued by the idea of the Alternative Valentines Day. Boyfriend and I are very expressive about how much we love each other, but are in no way soppy. We buy each other the most ridiculous presents based on in jokes and memories (like the pineapple eraser pictured above, from me to Boyfriend!) and are likely to spend Valentines Day with a takeaway watching old episodes of some goofy TV show or another. Last year he made me the handmade gifts from that episode of Friends – the sock bunny and the Flafenflaffer! Those are the thing our relationship is built on and I just don’t think the Valentines Day market caters to us.

Alternative Valentines Cards

Platonic Valentines CardsBeard Valentines Cards

With all that in mind I put together a small collection of fun Valentines cards for this year and I really wanted them to be void of the traditional hearts and soppy poems and to be able to double up as a simple note to send to a friend – who says a Valentines card has to be from your significant other?

Of course I also included the traditional fluffy cuteness is my range, because obviously. I stuck to the classics and expanded my range of heart jewellery, but it’s the photography I’m really proud of for range no. 2. I’m slowly reshooting my whole catalog and these are my current favourites – I loved setting them up and even enjoyed the editing for the first time ever ;)

Handmade Valentines Gifts

Red Heart Necklace

What are your Valentines plans? Are you old fashioned at heart or do you like to mix it up?

Loves x xx

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