Getting A Dog While Renting

Pets In Rented House

Not long after we moved into our current home I became desperate for a dog. Sadly one by one the family dogs had moved on to Doggy Heaven and for the first time in my life I was without a dog. Of course being a renter it’s not easy to keep a pet, so here are my top tips for getting a dog while renting:

// Ask. Our contract didn’t allow us pets, but being the sort of person who isn’t afraid to ask for what I want I went ahead and put in a request to change that. It seemed like a total long shot and our letting agents flat out said no, but our Landlord wanted to think it over. We had talks about it where our landlord voiced his concerns giving us a chance to ease his mind on certain issues. Despite being advised strongly against it by the letting agents, he finally made the decision to write a dog into our contract.

// Offer a larger deposit. We rounded up our security deposit to allow for any additional damage that may be caused by the dog.

// Make compromises. We were due to have a brand new kitchen fitted and the hallway carpets ripped out and walls decorated, so instead we agreed to put that off and get a dog instead. The following year (I presume after our Landlord checked the dog wasn’t programmed to destroy!) our new kitchen was fitted anyway, but we painted our own landing walls and kept the old carpet. That way when we move out it doesn’t matter if the carpet is ruined by the dog because it needs changing anyway.

// Agree to additional cleaning. We had a full carpet clean added to our contract so when we move out we are required to get a professional carpet cleaner or have the cost taken from our security deposit.

Getting a dog for renters

// Adopt a rescue dog. Often dogs from rescue centres, particularly slightly older ones, are already housetrained before they come to live with you. This minimises any accidents that may occur or any damage to the house. We also got a massive folder full of our dog’s medical and behaviour history, which leads me on to my next point…

// Create your dog a CV. Hopefully your dog is the poster pup for good behaviour, so gather up recommendations from your vet/neighbours/previous landlord so your landlord has evidence that your dog is well behaved, instead of just taking your word. If you don’t have a dog yet, Dogs Trust can advise you about your new pal!

// Don’t forget insurance!! Argos Pet Insurance asked me to share their services with you guys and I cannot stress how important it is to get insurance. Not only does it cover you for unexpected vet fees, but it also covers for third party liability so your landlord can rest safe that you’ll be able to pay your rent! It also shows you’ve taken the responsibility to look after your pet.

// Be responsible. If you have a long history of being a good tenant, paying on time, not holding wild parties and not causing any damage to your property your landlord will have a stronger trust in you to act the same with a pet.

// Get it in writing. When we went to adopt Frank, because we lived in rented housing we need to provide a letter from our landlord to state that we were allowed to keep a pet. It’s also important to get any stipulations into your contract and signed so no-one can go back on their word at a later date. A dog is for life.

Getting a dog while renting

If you have any specific questions, please do ask in the comments or @me on Twitter! It may seem like a long shot, but it’s worth a try. Trust me.

Loves x xx

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