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The other day I spent some time tidying up my Pinterest boards. My favourite things to pin are quotes, DIY & organisation ideas, clothes I love (great if you’re trying to shop less!) interesting hair styles, yummy food and beautiful pieces for my home. If you like the sound of that, head over and follow me. Leave your links below, too. I need some new people to follow!

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I don’t claim to be an expert, but if you have a brand, here are some quick Pinterest tips for getting the most out of pinning:

// Name your boards with obvious titles so followers will know what it is at first glance
// Make sure you select your own cover image for each board instead of using the default. Pick an image that is visually striking and a good representation of the other pins inside
// Always have a description, say what the board is about and then add some hashtags for easy SEO
// Equally, make sure you pop your board into a category so pinners will have more chances of finding you
//┬áDon’t just pin your own stuff. Become a curator of awesome things and people will follow for your expertise

Hope you find these tips useful, see you over there!

Loves x xx

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