Outfit Post: Boyfriend’s Winter Boots

The Archdeacon

The Frank monster has had his turn, so it’s definitely overdue to introduce you to Boyfriend in his own outfit post! So this is Stuart, isn’t he lovely? He’s a musician, playing bass for Monster Killed by Laser and also working on setting up his own band too. By day he works for a major television network, how fancy?

It’s not really fair(!) as he actually has modelling experience, but if I need to step aside and spend some more time behind the camera I am more than happy with that. He’s much prettier to look at than me, as well as being better at having his photo taken! It was actually so much more fun to take outfit photos together, so I hope this is the first of many.

Male Fashion Blogger

Boots with a Winter Sole

I don’t know about you, but we both thought Jacamo was a plus size store, but they were eager to borrow Boyfriend’s modelling skills to show off their autumn/winter footwear so I sent him to the website to investigate. They actually have some great shirts and loads of different brands on there. We were really impressed when the shoes arrived, I wasn’t expecting great quality especially at the price these winter boots retail for, but they’re really nice!

They’re real leather and lovely & soft, plus the soles are super grippy ready for the winter ice. Where we live the streets get horrifically icy and both Boyfriend and I have been known to slip and fall over.. while holding hands. If one of you goes, it’s only fair that you both take a tumble! Haha. So we’ll be eager to try these out in the snow (If not just so one of us can keep us both upright while walking the dog!). The only downside is that they zip up at the side so the laces are just for show, which I think is a shame, but you can only tell if you look closely I suppose!

Male Model, Yorkshire

Male Blogger, Yorkshire

Yesterday was our SEVEN YEAR anniversary. I had to double check that we’d been together that long, I can’t actually believe it. I don’t think I’ve ever considered how long seven years is before, because it has seemed like no time at all. We’ve come a long way from meeting on a drunken night out, lots of trips back and forth on the Settle – Carlisle line, long distance tears (mine!), ridiculous commutes for rubbish jobs (his!) and now we live in our happy little house on the outskirts of the city. OK so a lot can change in seven years, but it’s a breeze when you’re just hanging out with your best friend.

Jacamo Boots Review

Winter Shoes

Denim Shirt | Zara  //  Chinos | Primark  //  Boots | c/o Jacamo
For my shoes, see last week’s post

Loves x xx

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  • Miss Tulip

    Your BF should deffo start a blog! He is really photogenic. You are just as pretty
    to look at though!
    Miss Tulip x
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest