Joy The Store’s Shocking Bipolar PR Fail

Today Joy The Store lost me, a huge fan and advocate of their brand. Whether they care how many customers they are losing remains to be seen, but I feel like explaining myself to you all, because I feel a bit sick about this whole thing.

Over the years I have worked with Joy’s Leeds store here on my blog quite closely. They had constantly surprised me and surpassed my expectations and from all the things I had learned about Joy I was starting to think they were Britain’s greatest brand.. and then they shot themselves in the foot through a shocking PR fail.

Joy Twitter Fail

Joy the Store Bipolar Twitter Fail

Now I’m angry about the card, sure. Someone on Twitter aptly put the question to Joy, would you write a card, “Don’t get Cancer, have chemo?” Of course not, but selling the card and the rude response to the original tweet aside, the completely misinformed ‘joke’ about people who suffer from Bipolar disorder is unacceptable and feeds straight into the misconceptions about mental health.

Joy Bipolar Twitter Fail

Joy’s apology is laughable, trying to justify their tweet because they like to start a discussion on things that are usually taken seriously… poking fun at an illness, a disease is not starting a discussion, it is bullying and stigmatising and prejudice. Joy are a lifestyle brand and if this is the sort of lifestyle they’re encouraging, I want no part in it.

Disappointed in what was once my favourite brand doesn’t even scrape the surface of how I feel. Frankly I’m embarrassed to have ever associated myself with Joy the store, to ever have endorsed them here on my blog and to even own their clothing in my wardrobe.

As for what they could do now? Apologise properly sans ‘excuses’, reconsider their PR and social media choices, back a huge campaign for positive mental health awareness, pledge a significant chunk of profits to mental health charities and take that God-damned card off sale. Until then any associations with them on this blog have ceased. Until then I won’t be promoting their products and my sidebar banner from them has been removed. Maybe then I’d consider giving them a second chance, otherwise I’ll never set foot in their store again.

Love, a mental health sufferer x xx

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  • Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

    This is pretty sad. Some things just aren’t meant to be joked about, and someone working for such a big brand should probably realise that. That apology like you said, isn’t really an apology.

  • April Leigh

    Wow, those sarcastic responses are terrible, what an absolute fail. I hope that employee got what they deserved!

  • Claireabellemakes

    Well said Sophie. What a shocking fail. And it is probably the opinion of one stupid social media employee but the impact is huge as these days, social media is the number one way to build (or indeed crush) your brand. I think you’ve done the right thing and I am proud of you for often speaking up about mental health issues. x

  • OhHay!

    Wow I never even heard of this before but that’s horrible. There is certain people in social media/PR that really do not think before they speak- and even worse some people in the design agencies of companies. A lot of them nowadays seem to be worse than what they would be 10 years ago and it’s sickening to see! I’m glad to see that you’ve decided to take what action you can though and remove them from your blog. x

  • vickychandler

    I’m the same as you, couldn’t believe this poor PR fail – someone clearly shouldn’t be working in social media. I guess it’s really hard when you’re trying to be funny but it doesn’t convey in your online self but this is something definitely not to joke about. They’d never DREAM of taking the piss out of someone’s race. Disgraceful.

    Vicky xx

    Lots of Love, Me.

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