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My lovely buddy Jo from Adventures and Tea Parties shared some stories behind her blog and business last week and selected me to carry on the tradition – thanks Jo! If you’ve not been over already, hop along to see crafty ideas, gardening and music recommendations!

// Why do I write?
I love words and forming them together. I love trying to describe the way I feel or the way another person might feel about the world. I’ve always loved the detail of things and I suppose in writing you really get to dig into the very core of something. I’ve also discovered that I really love to share what I’ve learned. Starting on Livejournal, initially I just wanted to meet people who were a little bit like me and share stories and opinions and become friends. I guess blogging is much the same, really.

// What am I working on?
Blogging wise I’m working on switching my focus. I’ve realised that I love to talk about business and I actually have a lot of knowledge and advice to share that has built up over the years. I still really love fashion and pretty, simple living so those things will always heavily feature!

In other news I’m focussing hard on developing my business. It would be really interesting to bring in employees and create opportunities for like minded folk. I always have my head in the clouds, dreaming away! Other than that I’m working towards Christmas. I want to be organised this year so I can actually enjoy the festive season; I haven’t had time for Christmas over the past couple of years!

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// How does it differ from others of its genre?
I really hope to provide a simple space where readers can harvest information. Everything I learn I try to fashion into something useful to pass on through my blog: business tips, how to use your camera, easy cooking, projects that don’t just look good, but are easy too.  I don’t just want to be another online time-waster on your lunch break, I really want to provide a great space to help readers follow those dreams.

// How does my writing process work?
I think I pretty much answered this above, haha. I’m a bigger lover of ‘prompts’, taking them and making them into ‘useful’ content. It could be a project or maybe a styling tip etc. I’d love to say I write a lot in advance, but I’m not that organised yet(!). I have tonnes of drafts, but they’re unfinished ideas rather than ready to go posts. I mostly write in the moment and I have days when I want to write a tonne and days where I couldn’t write if my life depended on it! There’s always room for improvement, right? ;)

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So I’m going to dig into my lovely hat of blogger friends and pick a couple of my favourites to carry on the blog hop:

I first met Daisy of PrettyGreenTea at the Blognix conference in Birmingham. We’d been talking over Twitter, as you do, but as soon as she spotted me at the event we didn’t shut up. Pop over for posts about business, fashion and taking care of yourself.

Emily and I became pals over a joint love of New York as she blogs from Long Island. Emily Makes tells her story as her business grows and I love her truthful opinions on life!

Loves x xx

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