SEVEN: Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn

Reasons To Look Forward To Autumn

While most people are mourning the abrupt end to Summer, I’m counting down those last sunshine-y days until my beloved Autumn arrives. It seems bizarre when Summer provides ice lollies and water parks, but Autumn makes me feel like a child! Here are my top seven reasons to look forward to Autumn:

1 // Crisp, fresh air. Some like the smell of freshly cut grass – Me? I love how that freezing cold air smell really grabs at my lungs. Plus no matter how old you get, seeing your own breath never fails to amuse!

2 // Hot chocolate. When you’re curled up in a blanket with only your lips uncovered, sipping a creamy mug of heaven and watching your breath pierce the air… it tastes like a whole different beast.

3 // Crunchy leaves. Walking through the park, hearing the leaves crunching beneath your feet and then running into a giant mass of them gathered under a tree.

4 // Autumn colours. The gorgeous golden browns of Autumn are so much easier on the eye that the cornea-burning blue skies and acid greens of Summer. Haha, is this one just me?

5 // Thick, flannel pyjamas. Hell, being able to wear any pyjamas at all. Why are winter ones always so much cuter than the ones made for Summer? I’m 27 damnit and I want to go to bed wearing skating penguins emblazoned on my body!

6 // Keeping the doors and windows closed. NO. MORE. FLIES. Enough said.

7 // Layers. In fact, this one should just be all seven reasons. I love layers because they’re cosy and snuggly, but I also love them because they provide endless opportunity for matching up outfits, creating amazing colour combinations & pattern clashes. They allow me to really think about my outfit instead of having to find the thinnest, single item to wear for the next 30 days in a row. Most importantly, they allow me to wear more of my favourite things at once.

What are your favourite things about Autumn? Loves x xx

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