The Five WOWs: Pom Pom Shorts & Other Stories

Pom Pom Shorts, Pom Pom Accessories

1. Earrings | PROPSFashion  //  2. Assorted Cushions | Love Frankie  //  3. Scarf | Hobbs
4. Necklace | Handmade By Neha Bajaj  //  5. Shorts | Ark Clothing

Ark Clothing asked me to share some of their awesome shorts with you folks and when I saw these adorable little pom pom shorts, I couldn’t resist building a little story around them. They are precious. Team them up with a white vest for any late-Summer vacationers and if you’re stuck in the UK for the rest of the year, grab those black opaque tights and stacked boots!

Don’t you just love handmade? These indie designers take a trend and work it up in the most creative ways possible. I’d love a statement necklace like this, so much classier than those chunky neon beaded ones that were so popular for a while!

The child-like scarf is my nod to the upcoming Winter – I am so excited to wear tights and boots and coats and scarves again. These giant pom poms hold memories of the Winter accessories I’d wear as a kid.

Loves x xx

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  • Charlotte

    SO cute! I especially love the scarf!