Health & Happiness: The Dreaded Bra Fitting

Bra Fitting, Full Cup Bras

Bat Applique | Dexy and the Wolf  //  Musical Ribbon | Happy Wrap
Embellished Lace | Joyce Trimmings  //  Bra | Marks & Spencer

So I completed a #100Yeses challenge this week: I went for a bra fitting. I believe I’ve had a bra fitting once before when I was a teenager and it was a horrific experience; I was all hormones and stretch marks and zero confidence.
I didn’t plan to get fitted, I just wound up at Marks & Spencer lingerie department at a quiet hour and took the plunge. Thankfully I was wearing a two-piece and not a dress because I was (obviously!) asked to remove my top, but not my bra.

The lady had a bit of a pull and tuck at the bra I was wearing and disappeared off to the shop floor without as much as getting a tape measure out – very surprising. She returned with bras in my current size and I tried on a full cup t-shirt bra.

The difference in fit was incredible! I felt tucked in and secured. Apparently the bra I had been wearing was a ‘balcony’ which doesn’t provide as much support. I own some pretty balcony bras for special occasions, but I had no idea the one I was wearing was the same fit as those.

Customised Bra

Pink Lace | Frog Feathers  //  Ribbon | Orange Umbrella Co
Pink Poppies | Chocolate Bird  //  Bra | Marks & Spencer

I tried a plunge t-shirt bra also, but my chest felt too bouncy and the shape was awful. The same bra in a full-cup provided gorgeous curves beneath my t-shirt. I had no idea the solution was so simple and I would never have thought of trying different styles as opposed to different sizes.

I’ve been wearing the new bras this week and I feel comfortable and neatly tucked away and what’s even more amazing is that my boobs don’t hurt when I take my bra off at the end of the day – I am so happy I pushed myself into a bit of an awkward experience. The results are so beyond worth it!

My only issue now being: why are all full-cup bras so ugly?
The ones I bought from M&S are plain and dull so I decided that I could pick up some cute lace and embellishments and jazz them up a bit. I’ll report back! If you have any better suggestions please let me know – I’ve scoured the internet, but most full cup bras are only in plus size!

Loves x xx

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  • xkakesx

    Such a good idea to jazz them up yourself! I tried bra shopping this weekend but it appears the world have stopped making my size in places I can try on, guess I’ll keep looking! Glad you had a positive experience though :)

  • Jo

    What a great idea to jazz your bras up! My bras are all t-shirt bras, which fit like a dream but are rather plain, so I’m interested to hear how the bra makeover goes! On the subject of fitting – I’m trying to get fitted on a regular basis because the first time I did it was a relief to get into a comfy bra! I didn’t realise I was not only in the wrong size but I hadn’t sorted the straps out properly. The lovely lingerie assistant at M&S was absolutely wonderful. She made me feel really comfortable and not a tad embarrassed and she gave me some great advice on what bras I should be wearing for my size and also how to wear them :-) x
    Jo |

  • Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

    I got measured at debenhams a few months ago because the bra sizes are different in england, and i finally needed new ones. Such an amazing difference trying the different fits! It is super hard to find cute bras for bigger busts, get on it bra makers!

  • Elizabeth@rosalilium

    That reminds me… *runs off to M&S*

  • Crissy

    I used to wear balcony style too and it was just not working out lol I got measured in store twice in the last few years and always thought it fit way better than the last.

    I recently used and the fit is wayyyyyy more secure. You may be able to wear those balcony styles again by adjusting band size/cup.

    You should definitely share what you put together on the bras! Most of mine are the same.. full cup.. but only in black. It is so boring.