SEVEN: Things To Do Whilst Sunbathing

Things To Do While Sunbathing

I’m not a beach holiday girl by any means, but I absolutely appreciate how important it is to take some time off and relax. Unfortunately as a self proclaimed workaholic, as much as I’d prefer a holiday squeezing in as many breathtaking landmarks and recommended beauty spots as possible, if I only ever take holidays where I’m on the go from start to finish I will burn out before I’m 30. So here are some tips to stop the impending boredom of just laying on the beach.

1 // Listen to music. Make playlists for different moods, finally get round to hearing that new album from start to finish or take the time to explore your favourite musician’s back catalogue. In-ear headphones vs over-ear headphones for this one, trust me ;)

2 // Sketch. I always pack a sketchbook on holiday; Whether it’s a proper one with high quality paper or just a little one that won’t take up too much room in my bag. Even if you’re not an ‘artist’ you can draw your view or even come up with ideas of what to wear with your new tan when you get home.

3 // Scribble. In a similar vein, a notebook is an essential holiday item for me. Musicians can write lyrics, bakers can come up with recipe ideas, write about your hopes and dreams, write a short story. You can even write to-do lists or notes on getting organised – writing it all down will also help you to relax for the rest of your vacation.

4 // Read. Kind of obvious, but I don’t necessarily mean you have to read a trashy ‘holiday novel’. Take a favourite magazine, your friend’s short story, a how-to book, a phrase book, a book with beautiful pictures, a book about mythology, an autobiography, a joke book… reading doesn’t have to be as boring as you think.

5 // Change your location. Instead of laying on a sun bed, sit on the edge of the pool with your feet in the water, (carefully!) sit on the rocks by the sea. Watch the kids splashing and the world going by – I love to watch the locals and see how people really live in tourist spots, it must be so strange having an endless stream of visitors to your home town.

6 // Play games. Pop your phone on airplane mode (to preserve your battery and avoid any unwanted roaming charges!) and play Catchphrase or Angry Birds. Pack a small game like Travel Scrabble or take the question cards from Taboo or Articulate for a poolside quick fire round!

7 // Talk! Here’s a novel idea… have a great conversation with your travel companions, like what your dream career is or what you’d buy if you won the lottery. Recall your favourite memories, answer fun questions like favourite type of food or best gig you’ve ever been to. Discuss the Game of Thrones finale or your thoughts on the week’s headlines.┬áTalk about the things you never get time to at home.

Loves x xx

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