On: Bullies & Body Image

Bullying and body image

I’ve always had this idea in my head that when I see ex-acquaintances who used to hurt me in my life that I want to be perfect to prove them wrong. To all the girls at school that bullied me and all the boys that laughed at me for being fat I wanted to be tall and gorgeous and skinny and rub it in their face.

I saw this photograph today on Humans of New York of a young girl posing in her underwear and it came with a long list of people who had hurt her in the past. Except the photo she posted isn’t of her conforming, it’s of her just the way she is – with a huge, happy, natural smile.
She made me realise something very, very important today: Becoming tall and gorgeous and skinny wouldn’t prove all these people wrong, it would prove them right. As if being slim is the only way to be and I’d finally accepted that.

self esteem

There are thousands of ways to prove these people wrong with the tools we already have and this girl achieved one. To be confident, to not care what people think, to believe in yourself, to achieve your own goals and follow your own dreams. To live your life in the way that you believe is right, without thinking you have to conform to the beliefs of bullies.

In this fictional school reunion of the future I will no longer spend the run up to it dieting, I will no longer stress over finding the perfect outfit and having the most perfect version of my appearance.. instead I will be the person that I’m proud to have become; I run my own business; I have epic, deep, gorgeous friendships that sustain through the worst of times and the worst versions of myself; I am part of a loving and supportive home; I love without reserve and I am loved back; I have respect and humility and empathy.
All of these things are worth a million of those bullies from back at school. Just because I’m not a size 8 doesn’t make any of these things worth any less. I am enough.

Body Confidence

So screw you bullies! Why would I give up pizza for you? I’m happy with my body image just the way it is and I like pizza way more than I will ever care about what you think.

Loves x xx

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  • Jo

    Go girl! I totally hear you! :-) xxxx

  • Amber Davey

    Such a fantastic post. You’re so gorgeous and more importantly a wonderful happy person! I would love to prove something to my bullies, but I honestly don’t know why they picked on me. I will never understand bullies and why they feel the need to bring more hate into the world xo

  • Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

    This post is so spot on. Screw the bullies, they are just unhappy with themselves. You’ve got the right attitude :)

  • Kel

    ” I like pizza way more than I will ever care about what you think”
    I wish I could get this on a t-shirt! ;) Great post :) xx

  • Charlotte

    Really great post. I have the same feeling – that I wish I am looking skinny and radiant when I see people who bullied me at school for liking the wrong things, looking the wrong way, wearing the wrong clothes. They are working boring desk jobs now but because I am unique and sure of myself and who I am, I get to have an awesome career.
    Pizza is waaaay better, any day!

  • Emily Spada

    Great post!! I was bullied in school too, but I don’t really know why. Maybe because I’m a little weird? I’ll never know why I was the target of such abuse (from my next door neighbor, no less). If I ever see him again, this is what I’ll say: