Style Steal: Audrey from Twin Peaks

Audrey Twin Peaks Style Brogues Shoes
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I’ve started watching Twin Peaks again recently and this time I swear I’m going to make it through the whole series! I do think it’s one of those shows you could do with watching over and over; Each time I’ve spotted something I missed the first or second time.
I’ve totally fallen for Audrey this time around, she’s freaking gorgeous and I love her kooky nature. She’s mischievous, but I think she has her heart in the right place.. so far anyway ;) I’m only up to the end of season 1, so no spoilers please!

I fell for these brogues when Daisy from Pretty Green Tea was wearing them at Blognix a couple of weeks ago – Clarks have a whole gorgeous range of brogues right now. Seemingly, they’re not the old lady/school shoes brand they once were!

Of course I had to pop in a picture of Audrey’s special agent. She probably has this on her bedside table.

Audrey Twin Peaks Style Shoes, Agent Cooper

Agent Cooper Print | Isobel Kho  //  Tartan Skirt | American Apparel  //  Fluffy Jumper | Ark
Brogues | Clarks

Loves x xx

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  • Crissy

    Reminds me.. I need to make time to watch more of it! :D I loveeeeee the shoes.

  • Marielle

    I LOVED Twin Peaks and Audrey’s style. It’s so 90’s. . .which is coming back into style. Makes me feel old.

  • Sophie

    I am growing very obsessed with Audrey, she’s one of my favourite character’s of all time!

  • Sophie

    Oh me too! We caught up with a lot of it last night. I am so invested in those characters!