Outfit Post: Memories of Lanzarote

What To Wear To The Beach

The beach at Puerto del Carmen is this vast, gorgeous, golden sand that stretches for what seems like forever. The water is so blue and fresh and crisp and the wind sure does knock you off your feet. This was the only time Boyfriend and I made it into the sea on our vacation earlier this year.

I’m not much of a beach-bather, I don’t like the sticky feeling from the sand mixing with the salty sea and how do those pesky little grains get in so. many. places?! A walk along the sea, however, is one of my favourite things in this crazy world. The pure colours of the sand and the sky depicted in these photos just take me right back to this day; it really was as beautiful as it appears.

Beach Wear, Summer Style

Maxi Dress, Maxi Skirt

I’ve never been a maxi dress/skirt girl, but I own a couple of these lacy crop tops and thought a maxi would be the perfect accompaniment. I grabbed this floral one super last minute from Forever 21, simply because it was so cheap and I was on the shortest shoe-string imaginable, and it’s perfect! The pattern features enough colours so that it goes with practically everything in my summer wardrobe and it’s so comfortable and easy to wear.

How awesome is Boyfriend’s t-shirt? He grabbed this at the NBC store in New York City. I just love that it says Mr Manager on the back!

Mr Manager, Arrested Development

Beach Gym, Muscle Beach

Footsteps, Walking On The Beach

Scalloped Vest | Free People  //  Maxi Skirt | Forever 21
Orb Necklace | Black Willow Jewellery  //  Flip Flops | H&M

Loves x xx

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  • Dulce

    beautiful place, i love the contrast you hair made with the water on the third picture

  • Prettygreentea

    Brilliant t-shirt! I also really like your outfit, it suits you well. x

  • oh! Leona

    That skirts looks so good on you! You have a beautiful figure :)
    Your photos look so awesome, I want to go on holiday now! x

  • Sophie

    Hehe, I hadn’t noticed that! :)

  • Sophie

    Thank you :) It’s definitely a good one for ridiculous heat!

  • Sophie

    Aww, thanks dude! I was very uncomfortable sharing photos of my big belly ;) so that’s made me feel a lot better. Are you going away this year?

  • Chloe Holgate

    Looking lovely!!
    These pictures are properly gorgeous x

  • Charlotte

    I love your outfit!