DIY: Illustrated Greetings Card

Sharpie DIY

Blank Cards with Envelopes
Various Coloured Sharpies (Mine are the 80s Glam set)

I love sending and receiving snail mail and it’s a great way to cheer up a friend, too! Cards can be so expensive these days and frankly, uninspired so what better way to send your regards than a hand-lettered note from your own fair hands?

If you’re feeling lost for ideas of what to write, why not browse Pinterest for some fun quotes or flip through a magazine for some font ideas. Whip out your brightest Sharpies and get to work.

!! Try out your design on a sheet of scrap paper before starting on your card. You could even sketch a template in pencil and rub it out once your Sharpie ink is fully dry.

Pop your handmade card in an envelope, slap on a stamp and don’t forget to seal it with a loving kiss!

Handmade Cards DIY

Make your own cards


Loves x xx

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  • CarolJThayer

    Very cool card! I would love it if someone took the short ammount of time to make that for me!

  • Coco Cami

    Very cool card, thanks for sharing the idea! I love your blog and I have started following you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo.

  • Sophie

    You’re welcome :) Thanks so much, I’ll have a peek now!