Celebrating Yorkshire with #MyYorkshirePhoto

Kirkstall Abbey

I mentioned earlier this week that Inntravel had sent me a Polaroid camera to help capture the awesomeness of Yorkshire for their #MyYorkshirePhoto campaign; Boyfriend and I took a lovely walk down to our local beauty spot, Kirkstall Abbey. I’ve already shown you some photographs we took featuring my face, so here’s some lovely ones that are unspoiled ;)

My Yorkshire Photo

If you’re a bit more hardcore than me you can pop on your walking boots and take one of Inntravel’s walking holidays. When I was a kid I would spend a lot of weekends in the Yorkshire dales with my family: eating great pub food, splashing through fords in the 4×4, exploring the moors and coming up with daft songs & rhymes with my big brother. I feel kind of sad that I don’t do anything like that anymore. I’m definitely a city girl, but I do have a desperate love for Yorkshire and I’d like to get out and see it’s greatness again. Like old times.

Yorkshire Blogger

Things To Do In Yorkshire

Polaroid Camera, Anchor Tote by Onetenzeroseven

What’s your favourite Yorkshire spot? Send me your pictures on Twitter,┬átag them #MyYorkshirePhoto and I’ll retweet them! Yay!Yorkshire.

Loves x xx

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  • Emily Spada

    How beautiful is this? I wish there were beautiful old structures like this where I live but not really. Just a lot of houses built in the 1970s.

    Actually, I lie. Some of the towns around me were settled in the 1600s, but that has NOTHING on the UK.

  • Lifeplus1

    Beautiful photo of the sun shining through the building! I used to live in England for a few years. I seems like we never had nice sunny days like in your photos!

  • Dannielle @ Chicadeedee

    I don’t know if I can pick one! Yorkshire is a pretty awesome place :)

  • Sophie

    You speak the truth! ;)

  • Sophie

    Thanks! It was such a gorgeous day, the photos took themselves really! Haha. Days like this are certainly rare here in the UK!

  • Sophie

    I know, right?! And literally a short walk from my house. The UK sure has it’s charm, but you well know that New York is my happy place so I’m much more jealous of what you have! Hehe.