Video Diary: A Good Nights Sleep

Hey folks! Vlog #2 above… eek! If you didn’t see my first one, I shared a video at the end of last year about how much I wanted to support The Dogs Trust for my birthday. This time I’m chatting to you about how important it is to have the right bed, mattress and pillows to get a good nights sleep.. and if you can’t, Time4Sleep sent me a little box of pamper products to make it at least look like I have ;)

So if you don’t want to watch the video or you’d like a little recap, here are my top tips for getting a good nights sleep:

//  Invest in a good mattress. Things things are expensive for a wee self employed lass like myself, but do not underestimate the power of a good mattress. Don’t end up in the hospital with a bad back like I did!

//  Spend time picking out the right pillows. Do you sleep on your stomach? Back? Pick one that helps you, not hinders.

//  Have a good ol’ cup of tea before bed. If you’re affected by caffeine, choose a caffeine free option of either decaff or a fruity tea.

//  Have a ‘getting ready’ period before your actual bedtime. Don’t plan to go to bed at 11pm and then spend half an hour having a wash and getting organised.

//  Do something relaxing. Watch some comforting DVDs or read a book before sleep. Don’t work!!

//  If you’re not into beauty creams and crazy formulas, at the very least take off your make-up and put on a good moisturiser.

Time4Sleep have a really informative guide of what happens to your body during sleep, have a peek!

I hope you found some good information on getting the best rest! What are your top tips for feeling refreshed after sleeping?

Loves x xx

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