SEVEN: Of The Best iPhone Hard Cases

Best iPhone Cases for 5/5S

1. Fat Kitty | The No Such Disco  //  2. Skull | Ali Gulec  //  3. Giraffe | Nicole Cioffe
4. Brogue | Serena Olivieri  //  5. Gold Glitter | Monika Strigel
6. Monsters Inc | Emiliano Morciano  //  7. Bunny | Hello Harriet

I can finally upgrade my phone tomorrow, woohooo! I’ve had a bit of a saga since I took out my contract on my current iPhone 4S. First I dropped my original phone in a mug of tea and didn’t realise for about half an hour.. don’t rest your phone on the arm of the chair if there’s some tea sat innocently on the table next to it. That’s all I’m saying. Then I bought a replacement on eBay only to be conned and have to get my money back through the resolution centre. Then I finally picked up a real second hand iPhone only to throw it when gesturing too wildy at a party and smash the screen. ARGH!

In my excitement to get a brand new, shiny phone (the iPhone 5S in gold) I’ve been researching awesome iPhone cases as I clearly need to protect it from the off. The glittery case would go excellently with the gold and white colour I’m pining for, but Mike Wazowski? Enough said. I have the skull print on a t-shirt already, but I loooove Ali Gulec’s work so. Decisions, decisions.

Loves x xx

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