Outfit Post: The Two Hundredth

Abandoned Building, Lanzarote

It’s here, folks! My two hundredth post!! If anyone has read from the beginning, thank you for listening to my constant rambles – you’re awesome! I wonder if one day my blog might end up like this abandoned restaurant building in Lanzarote. It was so eery walking by this place, sitting on a gorgeous rock beach looking out over a crisp blue sea; the perfect location. Everything seemed to have been left the way it was, beautiful flowers and trees still growing, fun murals for the ‘Mini Club’ as if you could almost hear the ghosts of times gone by. If someday I no longer update this blog, I like to think I’ll leave it published, floating through the internet as a ghost of what my life once was.

Summer Fashion

Palm Tree, Lanzarote

There’s something I find so fascinating about abandoned buildings. Kind of like the wondering of what happens to your soul after you die. I’m not particularly a religious person, but it seems like the soul is such a complex entity to just cease existing when our bodies do so I wonder the same about abandoned buildings – what happens to their souls? The stories seeping from the walls. It seems so abrupt for it all to just fade away so it feels as if the buildings are haunted, but not by beings, by memories.

Stripes, Nautical

Minnetonka Moccasin

Black & White Outfit

As far as I can work out, the graffiti above reads, “Que bonito el tropezar, contigo peque” which after some research translates to something like, ‘How beautiful you stumble a little’ or ‘Nice to bump into you a little.’ If you know the actual meaning of this phrase, or anything about it, I would love to know! Please do share with us in the comments. I know graffiti is vandalism and I do disagree with it to a certain extent, but I just love it as a form of art. It’s so haphazard and raw and chaotic and free. I’d much rather stumble over something like this on a holiday or trip away than be herded around a tired tourist attraction. This was possibly the most interesting twenty minutes of my vacation!

Abandoned Buildings

Cool, Comfy Clothing

Striped Vest | H&M  //  Leggings | Next  //  Minnetonka moccasins | c/o Surfdome
Necklace | Mikey  //  Left Ring | Rome market stall  //  Right Ring | Caracol Boutique
Prescription Sunglasses | Gok Wan for Specsavers

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  • Katie Moody

    Lanzarote looks beautiful! I feel the same about abandoned buildings, they always have such history and I love it when you find little bits that have been untouched for years and years and begin to make stories about it all in your head! xx

  • Lisa

    I love abandoned buildings, if I wasn’t so scared about getting into trouble then I would totally get into urban exploration.

  • OhHay!

    So beautiful! Really wish to go back to Lanzarote one day!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  • Charlotte

    So pretty! And I love your shoes!

  • Fiona

    I do Spanish at uni after a little researching the graffiti means “how lovely to stumble across you little one” as in children I think (: I love abandoned places too there’s something so haunting about them! if you like abandoned places I completely recommend this website the guy visits so many cool deserted places!! great post (: xx

  • Emily Spada

    Great post! Abandoned buildings ARE fascinating. Not far from my house is a closed down psychiatric hospital. Some people say it’s haunted, but that’s debatable. Unfortunately, a lot of kids like to vandalize the place, but I can’t help but wonder what went on behind those walls all the years it was open. This looks like a beautiful place!

  • Jo

    Oh wow! What an awesome post and amazing photos, Sophie! I totally agree with you – I much prefer finding these unique, non-tourist finds. There’s definitely something magical about them! :-) x

  • Toast Rack

    Gorgeous! You should check out the dainty squid’s blog – she’s been visiting abandoned schools and churches recently :) x

  • Sophie

    Oh cool! Thanks for the recommendation!

  • Sophie

    Thank you! Yeah absolutely and you get the added bonus that there’s not a gazillion other people fighting for space!

  • Sophie

    Oh wow! I must say abandoned asylums are one of the most fascinating places for me; they’re depicted a lot on TV and in movies and they’re so creepy and dark. I guess mental health has always been misunderstood so some crazy shit used to go down in these places. I’d love to go to one someday, but I’d also be absolutely terrified!

  • Sophie

    Thanks for the recommendation! :D Oh really? I’m not sure that’s not a little bit creepy now! Haha. I wonder why you’d graffiti that on an old abandoned building?!

  • Sophie

    Thanks! They’re so comfy they could totally be slippers!

  • Sophie

    Get it on your list! It’s a lovely little island, isn’t it? :)

  • Sophie

    I know exactly what you mean! Plus I’ve seen too many episodes of Supernatural where people have gone ‘exploring’ and never come back. EEK!

  • Sophie

    I totally agree! It can make a trip much more personal and makes a better story than spending every day at the beach :)

  • OhHay!

    Definitely! Being young and with family when I’ve gone before I really want to go back and do some exploring! Think it would be the kind of place to really get lost in!