The Five WOWs: Red Carpet Indulgence

Red Carpet Outfit, Designer Outfit

1. Floral Print Gown | Alexander McQueen  //  2. Victorian Beaded Cape | Mintage Clothing Co
3. Diamond Bracelet | Anjolee  //  4. Clutch Bag | Alexander McQueen  //  5. Suede Flats | J Crew

There’s a photograph of me and my brother in a frame at Daddy Oneten’s house. I think it’s from around 10 years ago; we both have really greasy faces and terrible haircuts, but my Dad and his wife insist it’s a gorgeous picture of the two of us. We had a fun conversation while we were away last week about how good a photograph of us would have to be to have any possibility of replacing it and we decided that only if there was one of me holding a Turner Prize and one of my brother holding a Pulitzer Prize then we could finally be rid of the grease-fest picture! Hah!

So continuing on that theme, when I do win my Turner Prize ;) this is the outfit I’d love to wear. I’ve always been a huge fan of Alexander McQueen so naturally I would choose one of their dresses. I wouldn’t normally pair something without black in it with black accessories, but for something as stunning as this dress I thought a clashing contrast would create a really striking look. Anjolee asked me if I’d share one of their pieces with you and this bracelet reminds me of the intensely classy pieces that celebrities wear on the red carpet, their sparkles dancing in the flash of the paparazzi. Look how shiny! With Anjolee you can choose your metal colour, type and diamond carat to create the piece of your dreams, which I imagine would be perfect for a wedding set.

Do you ever dream of accepting an award or attending a super swanky event? It’s fun to pick out things you’d never ordinarily get the chance to wear!

Loves x xx

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