Photography Tips: Completing a Photo Challenge

100 Happy Days

I’ve just completed the 100 Happy Days challenge and I am bursting with pride! This is the first challenge that I’ve actually completed, no cheating, no skipping days and it’s been super fun!

At first I struggled to get into the routine, but it really helped to do the challenge along with friends. Seeing my buddies’ pictures being posted, encouraging each other and panicking that we “don’t forget to post” together really helped me stay on track and served as a constant reminder not to fail. Once I got into the swing of things, though, it became second nature to post a picture every day and I started to see little happy moments all around me that I wanted to capture for the day.

– Get a group of friends to play along and encourage each other.
– Take photos throughout the day and then set aside a time in the evening when you always post. That way you’ll get into a routine and you’ll be able to select the best moment from a batch of photographs.
– Posting everyday for 100 days is a challenge in itself, but adding a theme like ‘happiness’ is a trigger to complete the task. Doing something that makes you happy will remind you!
– Make it easy, always have your phone or camera to hand so you don’t miss moments.


I feel a little bit like I’ve lost an arm since the challenge ended and I’m eager to start up a new one; I may even create my own! I definitely see my world in photographs now and kick myself when I don’t have my camera.┬áIf you haven’t taken the 100 Happy Days challenge, I seriously recommend it! It really makes photography second nature. You can read my post about the challenge and happiness or dive right into the challenge itself over at

Loves x xx

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