Cruelty Free: The Toothpaste Saga

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A while ago Boyfriend and I decided to take steps towards making our household cupboards cruelty free. We decided we wanted to use all products that were not tested on animals. Information on product packaging and online varies; you can pick up products that feature the ‘leaping bunny‘ certifying the product cruelty free under the Humane Cosmetics Standards or other companies state on their packaging or websites whether the product and it’s ingredients have been tested on animals.

We got on pretty well at first with most of our favourite brands already on board and against animal testing (that’s why we love them, right?) but the biggest snag we have hit so far was an unexpected one: toothpaste!! Who knew?

Almost definitely all the big name brands in toothpaste have pretty sketchy rules on animal testing. Some claim only to test when required by law, some claim they only test when there isn’t a suitable alternative.. it seems that big companies see animal testing as a massive grey area while as┬áconsumers some of us see it very black and white – NO to animal testing.



We caught a break when we discovered most own brand toothpastes were against animal testing, the most easily accessible being large supermarkets such as ASDA. Our local shop is an ASDA so we headed down and managed to pick up their Smart Price toothpaste for 25p. It states right on the packaging that ASDA are against animal testing and fund research into alternatives. Great, right? Unfortunately the product itself suuuucks. The texture is very thick and smooth and we have found you have to use a whole lot to make it feel like you’ve cleaned your teeth and it kind of makes me gag. The price is amazing, but you can’t help but feel like you’re doing your teeth a disservice.


Then we stumbled over Superdrug, the big shining light in the world of cruelty free. ALL Superdrug’s own brand products bear the leaping bunny of Cruelty Free International. Not only do Superdrug do cruelty free toothpaste, they have options. Whitening, Sensitive Whitening, Pro Care premium toothpaste.. we picked up a couple of ‘mid-range’ to give a whirl and so far I am wholly satisfied. The texture is much more toothpaste like and the minty taste is not as horrifically sweet as the ASDA Smart Price. Superdrug’s offering makes me feel much better about the health of my teeth!

What do you make of Cruelty Free? Would you like to hear more about my findings?

Loves x xx

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  • Katie Moody

    Oh, this is really interesting! I’ve never thought about it with toothpaste, but I deifnitely think I’ll be popping to Superdrug and getting theirs – the packaging looks really upmarket too xx

  • English Rose from Manchester

    Thanks for this recommendation. You’re right – toothpaste is an issue and was one of the last things I decided to change because nobody wants rubbish toothpaste! But I’ll definitely be trying the Superdrug one x