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The Five WOWs: Retro Room

Retro Decor


1. Brass and Glass Decorations | H&M // 2. Retro Photography Print | Squint Photography
3. Striped Sofa | DFS // 4. Lappljung Ruta Rug | Ikea // 5. Gas Pump Storage Cabinet | Wayfair

We live in a rented house so decorating is (painfully!) at a minimum for us. We have these huge leather sofas, which belong to the landlord, that take up almost the entire living space. One of them is completely broken so we’re hoping that we can just replace it ourselves and take it with us when we move out. Sounds like a good deal for our landlord right? Fingers crossed! So we’ve been looking at sofas and sofa beds and I just love this retro looking sofa [3]. Man, they’re pricey though! It would go great with our rug [4.] that we already own, but wouldn’t be too matchy-matchy.

Our current ‘decor style’ if you can call it that ;) is sort of a pop culture clash, which I love. I wouldn’t mind it being a bit more retro and a bit more styled, but only a bit. I still want to keep Boyfriend’s childhood Slimer soft toy in the fireplace XD

Loves x xx

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Project Forgotten

Wedding Cupcakes

I finally found my other SD card for my camera and discovered these photos from my friend’s wedding amongst a year’s worth of memories (yes, I one of those people that never clears their camera card…) and it strikes me that, even though I have a personal Facebook and a Flickr account as an outlet for my love of photography, I hardly ever share my photos. My blog pretty much acts as a diary right now and anything not recorded here just floats in the ether, which is a shame for things that are a bit too personal.

Wedding Place Setting

Mint Cupcake

While I’ve been making the transition into my new studio at home, digging through all my old craft stuff to make a more organised chaos, I have found a whole shop’s inventory worth of scrapbooking supplies, pretty papers, tapes and cute things I’ve gathered over the years. At first I was going to sell them on as they take up so much room, but after seeing A Beautiful Mess’ Scrapbooking For Beginners I think I’m going to use them up instead and get a crap load of my ‘forgotten’ photographs printed and pasted into a beautiful memory album.

How much do you want to eat one of those cupcakes? ;)

Loves x xx

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